So compassionate
Sat Dec 30, 2017 15:58

Grabbing a pair of gloves for himself, and another for his yearmate, Danny pulled on the only protective gear that had been provided and made his way back over to where Maverick was standing still near to the billywig Danny had stunned and summoned. “I’m not your bug’s babysitter,” the Cetus snapped.

Even though he’d been at the school since the beginning of term, Danny hadn’t spent much time with Maverick. They had worked together in potions a couple of times but that didn’t often provide a great environment for much conversation that wasn’t related to slicing or stirring. Even though Danny had a friendly temperament and had made a reasonable initial effort to get to know the transfer students in recent history, he hadn’t made great progress with Russell, Kaye, or Ruben, so by the time Maverick and Myfanwy had arrived, Dardanius wasn’t inclined to go out of his way to forge friendships. So far he didn’t have much of an opinion either way about Maverick; Holland liked him, but then Holland liked Ruben. And Kaye. And Russell.

Right now, it seemed like Maverick wasn’t in an especially good mood, which was understandable, considering they were in an impromptu, mandatory class with a high likelihood of being stung, scratched, or otherwise molested by flora or fauna. Danny handed the second pair gloves over anyway, with an eyebrow raised in response to the aggressively spoken comment regarding the still-floating billywig. “Okay,” he said, his own mood sufficiently buoyant that his companion’s apparent irritation didn’t phase him.

The Lyra collected the billywig from the air, now his hands were (hopefully) protected, and held it concealed in a chamber made from his cupped palms. “You do have to be here, so you might as well join in,” he suggested, but lightly, and with a shrug, hopefully conveying that it didn’t matter to him whether or not Maverick decided to participate.

  • Yeah, I don't care about the rest of them. Or this one. - Maverick Buchannan, Fri Dec 29 09:50
    As ever, Maverick found himself trapped in some school-related dumbassery. In this case, it was an impromptu Magizoobotany class. Admittedly, it was less dumbassery than the stupid babies thing he’d... more
    • So compassionate - Dardanius , Sat Dec 30 15:58
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