Dardanius Dubois
Sat Dec 30, 2017 19:22

Compelled to set a good example, as a sixth year prefect, Danny only strode quickly through the school corridors, holding off breaking out into a run until he was through the door into what was typically regarded as being outside (while still technically underground). He’d called out to a couple of people who might know, to discover whether Rose was out on the pitch. She usually was at this time - both of them were creatures of habit and routine, Rose even more so than Danny - which made it easy to predict where she might be.

Already sprinting, his lightweight khaki combats and neon orange tee shirt facilitating his movements, he saw her figure up ahead and added an extra burst of speed that, in his excitement, almost caused him to somersault over his own feet. Arms windmilling for a second, Danny managed to right himself with only a stumble, and called out “Rose!”

Convinced she had seen him, or heard him, or both by now, Danny didn’t call out again until he was right by her, grinning broadly as he juddered to a stop. “Did you do it?” He asked, with poorly contained excitement evident on every feature, his too-long-to-be-neat brown hair haphazardly windswept, and brown eyes lit with he sort of satisfied pride that comes with a great success.

The two sixth years competed on everything: grades, Quidditch - pumpkin carving, more recently - so it was inevitable that one of the most outstanding accomplishments of their school careers thus far would turn into a competition between them.

From History of Magic, Danny had gone straight to his animagus class with Aaron (his professor had originally seemed awkward in their private sessions, after he’d walked in on Danny and Marissa having one of their private sessions recently, but he was - thankfully - quick to return back to normal), and, knowing Rose had her lesson while he was stuck listening to Boot wax lyrical about defunct Persian trade treaties, he hadn’t wasted a moment in finding out whether she had managed a full transformation today, too.

    • Jack! - Rose Farnon, Sun Dec 31 10:52
      It was the best day of Rose’s entire life. She was out on the Pitch, working through the excess adrenaline that had appeared out of nowhere the moment she had made her transformation in Professor... more
      • Don’t let go! - Dardanius , Wed Jan 3 06:17
        Rose squeaked and bounced, which answered Danny’s question as comprehensively as words would have done. Then she spoke the words anyway, waves of the same excited sense of accomplishment rolling off... more
        • Danny had done it too! Rose was so excited that she was only smug that she’d technically done it better than Danny for a moment. They were friends, but they both had a natural inclination toward... more
          • Welp - Danny, Tue Jan 9 06:20
            Rose suggested they should transform together. “Yes!” Danny eagerly agreed. He didn’t think he had ever been this excited about accomplishing a piece of magic. The first time he’d cast a spell... more
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