Rose Farnon
Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:52

It was the best day of Rose’s entire life.

She was out on the Pitch, working through the excess adrenaline that had appeared out of nowhere the moment she had made her transformation in Professor McKindy’s office. Rose wasn’t doing anything particularly productive, just working through her energy - dives and more dives and spins and things that would generally have been considered showing off, should they have been done in front of an audience. She was good on a broom; she had always been good on a broom. And after her first successful transformation, Rose was wondering if she had always been meant to fly. Overall religion and karmic determination were not things that crossed her mind, unless she was forced into a conversation with Zoey, but it did seem a little like destiny. Just a bit. It was something that Rose would probably dismiss with a snort after the adrenaline wore off but right now everything was vivid and sparkling and perfect.

Realizing that spinning around on her broom wasn’t doing much to burn through the energy she had, Rose landed and put her broom to the side, beginning to do some stretches before she started running. She wasn’t in the ideal clothing to run - athletics in cargo pants and a black choker was not common - but today was different. It would be all right for today.

Then Rose heard Danny’s voice and she turned to see her friend running toward her, excitement practically exploding out of him. She made an unexpected squeaking noise and bounced as he came up to her.

“Yes!” the exclamation was quick and enthusiastic in response to Danny’s question of whether she had done her transformation yet. “I did on the first try, Professor McKindy said it was really good,” Rose added proudly (and a little smugly). “You did it too, didn’t you. Merlin, you did. Oh my goodness.” the sixth-year was almost too thrilled to form words. She had never felt as proud of herself as she was right now. Years of perfect or near-perfect marks had nothing on this feeling. It was the first substantial, significant piece of magic Rose had ever performed and it felt so good.

  • Rose! - Dardanius Dubois, Sat Dec 30 19:22
    Compelled to set a good example, as a sixth year prefect, Danny only strode quickly through the school corridors, holding off breaking out into a run until he was through the door into what was... more
    • Jack! - Rose Farnon, Sun Dec 31 10:52
      • Don’t let go! - Dardanius , Wed Jan 3 06:17
        Rose squeaked and bounced, which answered Danny’s question as comprehensively as words would have done. Then she spoke the words anyway, waves of the same excited sense of accomplishment rolling off... more
        • Danny had done it too! Rose was so excited that she was only smug that she’d technically done it better than Danny for a moment. They were friends, but they both had a natural inclination toward... more
          • Welp - Danny, Tue Jan 9 06:20
            Rose suggested they should transform together. “Yes!” Danny eagerly agreed. He didn’t think he had ever been this excited about accomplishing a piece of magic. The first time he’d cast a spell... more
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