Don’t let go!
Wed Jan 3, 2018 06:17

Rose squeaked and bounced, which answered Danny’s question as comprehensively as words would have done. Then she spoke the words anyway, waves of the same excited sense of accomplishment rolling off Rose as they pulsed through Danny. He felt compelled to envelope her in an impulsive embrace - most often their physical contact was brief and painful as a result of Rose hitting him, but it wasn’t unusual for them to hug - laughing as he did so.

“You did it too, didn’t you. Merlin, you did,” Rose exclaimed.

“Yep,” Danny unnecessarily clarified, sounding almost as boastful as Rose. “Not on the first try,” he conceded, because they’d both worked hard for literal years to get to this point: he felt no need to take any of Rose’s glory when he was drowning in his own. “But a full transformation. I did it twice!”

The first full change had taken so long - Danny had accomplished it eventually, only managing partial transformations to begin with. After a short rest he had tried again, and his second complete shift had been easier, if only by a small degree, yet still very gradual, as if the spell was operating in slow motion. He didn’t mind how long it took right now; he would improve every time he practised, and he planned on doing that a lot.

“Do you think you have the energy to do it now?” He asked Rose. Personally he felt he had enough energy to run for several hours, and as he’d found Rose rubbing on the pitch, he assumed she could relate. “I want to see you transform!” His enthusiasm was evident in his voice and every simple gesture that his body seemed to be exaggerating for emphasis without Danny’s explicit permission.

  • Jack! - Rose Farnon, Sun Dec 31 10:52
    It was the best day of Rose’s entire life. She was out on the Pitch, working through the excess adrenaline that had appeared out of nowhere the moment she had made her transformation in Professor... more
    • Don’t let go! - Dardanius , Wed Jan 3 06:17
      • Danny had done it too! Rose was so excited that she was only smug that she’d technically done it better than Danny for a moment. They were friends, but they both had a natural inclination toward... more
        • Welp - Danny, Tue Jan 9 06:20
          Rose suggested they should transform together. “Yes!” Danny eagerly agreed. He didn’t think he had ever been this excited about accomplishing a piece of magic. The first time he’d cast a spell... more
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