Um I'm never prepared
Wed Jan 3, 2018 15:19

Painfully aware, now literally, that Professor Bennett had instructed them not to cause any harm to the bugs, Russell had to fight to keep his hands at his side. It was hard to fight the automatic 'smash it' impulse, which he found kicked in for mosquitoes and even just everyday flies. An insect landing on his skin was enough to startle him into physically confronting it - which was interesting, considering how many things startled him on a regular basis and how little smashing he did as an impulsive response to such moments. But he managed not to smash the bug even though, oh, gosh, that sting had hurt.

He had actually never been stung like this before. Yeah, there were bees and hornets and stuff in the Sacramento area, but the benefit of his very nocturnal life was that most of the bugs out that late were mosquitoes and flies, which was startling (as previously mentioned) (because even his internalized thoughts went in spirals) (what was wrong with him) but not a total impediment like he assumed bee stings would be. At least, if bee stings were comparable to billywig stings. For all he knew, billywig stings were a hundred times worse. With how Russell felt like now, his neck almost literally on fire, he wouldn't have been too surprised.

Then a spell went flying past him and Rose shot the billywig out of the air with a special billywig-sized net. Russell yelped again and stumbled to the side. On one hand, now his neck was no longer in possession of an awful yet untouchable bug, so he could rub it and make sure that the almost literal fire hadn't become actual literal fire. On the other hand, clearly he and Rose had been envisioning different kinds of nets and netting techniques, and now Rose thought he was even more of an idiot. Great.

"I can do conjurations," he protested, still rubbing at his neck, feeling a little short of breath. Wanting to prove himself capable, he drew his wand with his free hand and produced a block of ice, which he immediately scooped up and slapped against his neck. That really helped. Still sore and itching and his whole neck felt hot, but hopefully he could freeze it out and ignore everything for a bit while he tried to think of what he could possibly say to Rose that wouldn't make things worse. He settled on "Okay, we'll just do it your way," and then stopped, because there were no billywigs in his line of sight. Safe for now. "Are your bug-stings itching a lot? Is that normal?" he questioned uneasily. Rose was fairly terrifying, but he was feeling more creeped out by his body at the moment. "I've never worked with billywigs before today. And I guess today doesn't really count, since we're just... catching them for the professors?" His intonation made it an obvious question.

  • I'm glad you came prepared - Rose, Sun Dec 31 22:20
    As Russell continued to speak, Rose continued to stare at him flatly, wondering if he had even listened to a word she had said. Well, it was clear that he had listened, but it wasnít clear if he had... more
    • Um I'm never prepared - Russell, Wed Jan 3 15:19
      • Then I take it back - Rose, Sun Jan 7 10:19
        Probably for the purposes of showing that he wasnít utterly useless, Russell conjured some ice and held it against his neck. Rose raised her eyebrows. Her billywig sting didnít feel like it required... more
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