Emmett Lawrence
Making it was the easy part.
Wed Jan 3, 2018 15:37

In a school that only required a four-class schedule, Emmett considered his five-class roster as overachieving. Not overachieving by, for example, Holland’s standards - his best friend took, like, all the classes - but overachieving by Emmett standards. None of those five classes were Magizoobotany, though, so he was somewhat annoyed about having to attend that class, especially at the last minute. He wasn’t entirely surprised by it, of course, because RMI was always insane like this, but still. Ah well, it wasn’t like he was doing anything important. Just some Spellwork homework, but if he didn’t get in done, he could probably just copy Rose later.

But whatever. He headed to the Quidditch Pitch as the last minute instructions directed, his backpack slung haphazardly over one shoulder. Emmett did his best to listen to the instructions provided by Professor Bennett, but the problem with doing that was that he was floating and somehow, Emmett found that a little bit distracting. The floating thing instilled two immediate reactions: wonder and concern. The former was because it seemed similar but also different from flying, which was a feeling he liked, so he was curious about how it would compare. And he was concerned because, well, he wasn’t entirely positive he could trust the staff around here to not somehow hurt themselves over the course of things like this. Not that he was exactly the most responsible babysitter on the block, but he wasn’t proposing to take over for them. That was probably a Holland thing to do. They were the most responsible. (Although Emmett, Danny, and Rose were the ones who were prefects. Go figure.)

Emmett watched the man in this mixed state of awe and terror when he saw someone walk up out of the corner of his eye. “Hi.” He turned his head and found that it was Camilla who, while basically Public Enemy Number One in the eyes of his beloved girlfriend, was speaking to him for some reason. Rose and Camilla did not get along due to some stuff that had happened last year involving insults to Marissa’s honor and assaults to Camilla’s face. Emmett didn’t know her super well personally, but she was fairly pretty. Not as pretty as Rose, of course. “What’s happening? Why are we here?”

“There’s a bunch of billywigs on the loose,” he explained politely. The Lyra shut down the urge to glance around to see if Rose was looking at them; if she knew, it was already too late. “We’re supposed to stun them and round them up before they sting us all a bunch. Their sting makes that happen to you,” he added, gesturing to their floating and giddy professor. “So, like, you want to be careful.”

  • I made it.. - Camilla Baird, Fri Dec 29 15:54
    The blonde eighteen-year old was in a bit of a rush. For starters, her tutoring session ended later than it always did, but truthfully she didn’t care. Camilla loved her tutor, and during this... more
    • Making it was the easy part. - Emmett Lawrence, Wed Jan 3 15:37
      • Re: Making it was the easy part. - Camilla, Wed Jan 3 17:00
        This wasn't ideal in any way whatsoever. One, why did she need to do extra work in order to correct someone else’s mistake?. Two, she had, stupidly, approached Rose’s boyfriend, Emmett. Their mutual... more
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