Hunter Ioma
Whatever Floats Your Boat?
Sat Jan 14, 2017 15:09

Hunter’s first morning the Lyra dorm was… slow-moving. He normally didn’t have any trouble waking up in the mornings but he had been up late the night before. He literally rolled out of bed and fell to the floor, getting badly tangled in the sheets. He hurriedly pulled on some khakis, a t-shirt, socks, and sneakers. He was pulling his robe on while staggering for the stairs before he remembered to grab is spruce wand and stick it in a deep cargo pocket.

In his eagerness to reach breakfast he hurried through the common room and would have failed to see the notice on the board about Spellwork class being elsewhere had there not already been a few people clustered around it. He hopped up and down to try to see over the shoulders of those in front of him before an older student told him what it said.

With a nod to the helpful older student Hunter dashed from the room to head to the diner for breakfast. He only got lost twice and arrived with time to guzzle down some eggs and orange juice before running out of the diner again and stopping dead.

What the blazes was a quidditch pitch? More importantly, where was it?

He tried to think back to orientation, picked the direction that felt the most right, and ran the other way. This was a winning strategy as this time he only got lost once.

Had he even the slightest sense of direction, upon reaching the quidditch pitch Hunter would surely have realized he could not possibly have been outside, and that they sky he saw there must be like the windows of the diner, and been suitably impressed and marveled at the tremendous and awe-inspiring magic before him. He did not, and was delighted to learn, so he thought, that this place had an outdoors.

He stood there a moment, simply enjoying the sunshine, before trotting down to join the others already assembled on the grassy field, looking around as he did. There were hoops and lines and well-trimmed grass and stadium seating and he figured this was probably a sports field of some kind. The hoops were very high up and the grass was red with only patches of green and bits and oddments scattered about but he figured… you know… magic.

The professor had a hat made of bubbles, which was cool. He said his name was Professor McKindy, which was cool, and he talked about what the class was and how the exams worked and Hunter paid rapt attention. Then the professor described the “lava field” game and Hunter guessed the grass was not normally red with bits scattered about. The hoops were still very tall, though.

Then the professor turned the bubbles into frogs, and that was cool. Then he showed them some spells which were also cool. The levitation one didn’t seem all that useful as the frog he levitated didn’t go anywhere… it just kinda floated. Maybe he could make like a magical hovercraft kind of thing? He doubted it would be that easy. The rope one seemed pretty useful and he figured magic rope for eyebrows was a fair trade.

He trotted over to the box of disks, grabbed one, and head over to a couple of girls he didn’t recognize from orientation, so they probably weren’t first years. He also didn’t recognize them from the opening feast, so they probably weren’t Lyras, but he didn’t see why that would matter. They seemed to be debating about whether to try crossing the lava on a sled or try island hopping. He decided to try pitching his hovercraft idea and see what they thought, so he put on a grin and spoke up.

“I think going right across would probably be fastest. What if we pulled the sled and some sticks to us with the rope, levitated the sled, got on, and used the sticks to propel ourselves across?”

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            OOC: With apologies to B and Bernadette, I originally posted my reply to the wrong post. Here it is again, in the proper location. Hunter put on his pondering face as he listened to all the reasons a ... more
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