Re: Making it was the easy part.
Wed Jan 3, 2018 17:00

This wasn't ideal in any way whatsoever. One, why did she need to do extra work in order to correct someone else’s mistake?. Two, she had, stupidly, approached Rose’s boyfriend, Emmett. Their mutual hatred was well known, and Camilla was sure that Rose would really not like her boyfriend speaking to her. More importantly, the blonde did not want anymore trouble with Rose. Plus, she still resented the fact that she had come out of everything unscathed. It boiled her blood to know that Rose Pineappling Farnon smugly roamed the halls of RMI. Camilla was also certain that it had happened because Garen Tennatt had taken her side because Marissa had been involved.

It had taken a lot of time for Camilla to simmer down to the point where even when she wanted retribution, she was mature enough to let it go. Cowards, such as Psycho Bitch, weren't worth her time.

The Cetus looked around the class and saw Elijah working with Myffi, a smile appeared on her face instantly before giving her attention to Emmett once again. So billywigs were flying amok around the greenhouse. Great. She had no idea how to respond to that. One, she had no idea how to go about this? Do they needed to freeze them? Stun them? Attract them with something? And above all, they had to be careful to not get stung, which considering what she was wearing wasn't very conducive to victory. Oh wait, Emmett had provided an answer, they had to stun them.

The Blonde sighed in annoyance again. She unconsciously placed her hand on Emmett’s shoulder, “I really don't want to be here,” she said exasperated before she wandlessly and no-verbally stunned a billywig near Emmett’s vicinity. She really wished she was working with Elijah, she trusted her boyfriend more than she did the younger wizard. In fact, Camilla did not know anything about him other than the fact that he followed The Mafia like a lovesick puppy.

  • Making it was the easy part. - Emmett Lawrence, Wed Jan 3 15:37
    In a school that only required a four-class schedule, Emmett considered his five-class roster as overachieving. Not overachieving by, for example, Holland’s standards - his best friend took, like,... more
    • Re: Making it was the easy part. - Camilla, Wed Jan 3 17:00
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