Could it?
Thu Jan 4, 2018 16:09

Elijah wasn’t sure how fast billywig stings worked. He felt a little giddy, but his feet were still securely on the ground. At least for the moment. It was ridiculous that they had been offered only gloves. Sure, the stings were actually harmless in the long run as long as you weren’t allergic, but having like a jumpsuit or something would have been smart for students who weren’t prepared for this sort of activity. It was thoughtless really and could be a danger if anyone actually did have a reaction to the stings. He could feel himself smile despite his irritation and decided that getting stung was definitely not a good option for forgetting how much he hated the class. He still hated it, he was just involuntarily happy about it.

“Oh really?” remarked Elijah, watching the chaos that was enfolding all around them. He had a very hard time believing that this class could be tamer, especially considering that billywigs were probably one of the least harmful species that the students worked with. But he really wouldn’t know due to his refusal to continue taking the class after his third year. “This class can actually be normal?”

The moment the words had left his mouth, the seventh year found that he no longer had contact with the ground. He scrambled for a foothold, trying to catch his hands under the table closest to him in an attempt to keep his lower extremities close to the floor. Thankfully he’d only been stung once and if he was lucky that would be it. Now that he knew that the giddiness didn’t really help, he’d rather be overly angry at the entire situation. One well placed foot around the leg of the table left him airborne, but reasonably close to the ground. He definitely felt sorry for the few students who were in mid-air, as well as their professor.

“I’d rather not think about that,” Elijah said in response to Myfanwy’s curiosity about multiple stings. It didn’t seem like he was getting that far off the ground, but he couldn’t be certain if that was only a result of him hanging onto a table for dear life. If getting stung again meant floating higher, Elijah was not interested in the slightest. On the off chance it happened, he’d be hanging onto the support beams in the top of the greenhouse before long. “I’m not planning on finding out either.”

“Professor said this wears off in about 10 minutes, right?” Manipulating his wand from this position would prove difficult, even more so if he let go and wound up floating. All he needed to do was avoid getting stung again and this would all be over soon. “I’m not going to be able to cast like this.” Wordless magic was one thing, wandless was a complete other and one that he hadn’t really started working on yet. Glancing over at his partner, he motioned around. “Anything you can think of to either make this easier or to help us both?”

  • It could be worse - Myffi, Thu Jan 4 07:43
    “Immobulus, right,” Myffi nodded. She could give it a try. Her spellwork was pretty good really, at least average, and it was one of those spells that probably wouldn’t cause much damage if her aim... more
    • Could it? - Elijah, Thu Jan 4 16:09
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