Yeah I haven't seen the movie, that's all I got
Sun Jan 7, 2018 11:07

Danny had done it too! Rose was so excited that she was only smug that she’d technically done it better than Danny for a moment. They were friends, but they both had a natural inclination toward competition that was always there, a little bit. But she was also dying to see Danny transform. Although she had done the ritual to figure out her form before she transformed, Rose hadn’t told anyone what it was, even Marissa. Mostly because she had been anxious about being able to do the transformation, in the end, and hadn’t wanted to brag about something that might not happen. But it had happened. She had done it. And Danny had done it too. As far as Rose was aware, they were the first ones. It was so overwhelmingly excited that Rose was almost having trouble catching her breath.

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “I want to see you transform too. We should do it together,” she added. Rose didn’t know Danny’s Animagus form - she didn’t know if he had the same initial reservations about sharing that information, or if he just hadn’t gotten around to it. Or maybe he wanted it to be a surprise. Regardless, Rose was excited to see what Danny’s form was. Supposedly, your Animagus form echoed something of your core self kind of in the same way a Patronus did. Some people had the same Patronus and Animagus form. Rose was not one of those people, which had surprised her. Well, her Patronus’s form hadn’t been a surprise when she’d learned how to do the charm in fourth year Defense. From her understanding, wolves were a common Patronus anyway, and Rose herself had been described more than once as a guard-dog, whether in reference to her brothers or Marissa. Consequently, she had been expecting some sort of canine to be her Animagus form, and had been very surprised when that was not the case.

“Ready?” the Aquila grinned at her friend, practically bouncing in anticipation.

  • Don’t let go! - Dardanius , Wed Jan 3 06:17
    Rose squeaked and bounced, which answered Danny’s question as comprehensively as words would have done. Then she spoke the words anyway, waves of the same excited sense of accomplishment rolling off... more
    • Yeah I haven't seen the movie, that's all I got - Rose, Sun Jan 7 11:07
      • Welp - Danny, Tue Jan 9 06:20
        Rose suggested they should transform together. “Yes!” Danny eagerly agreed. He didn’t think he had ever been this excited about accomplishing a piece of magic. The first time he’d cast a spell... more
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