Tue Jan 9, 2018 06:20

Rose suggested they should transform together. “Yes!” Danny eagerly agreed. He didn’t think he had ever been this excited about accomplishing a piece of magic. The first time he’d cast a spell successfully without his wand had been exhilarating, and brewing an exemplary Felix Felicis had seen him bragging about it for weeks afterwards, but being able to literally transform his whole body at will without the use of a wand was a new dizzying kind of high.

He took several steps back away from Rose. He didn’t know what her form was, and consequently how large it would be, but it made good sense for them to give each other a little space, anyway. “Okay, ready,” he replied, feeling shivers of excited anticipation tremouring over his limbs. “Let’s go.”

After taking a steadying breath, Danny closed his eyes, and focused, as he’d been training to do since September of his fifth year. The transformation still felt excruciatingly slow, and it wasn’t comfortable, although Professor McKindy had assured him this would all improve over time and with practise. For now, Danny preferred to keep his eyes shut, to better concentrate on the spell, and because savouring the sensation of his physical form altering at his command was entirely intoxicating. It was exhausting, but he didn’t think he’d ever tire of it.

Moments passed, his form shifted, and then, instead of a sixth year student standing on the pitch, there was a large brown hare. The grass of the pitch was soft beneath his paws; his claws dug lightly into the smooth earth. More sensitive to sounds and smells in this form, Danny twitched his long ears, and twitched his nose. Then he twitched his fluffy bobtail. Hares did a lot of twitching. He looked to where Rose had been standing, to see what sort of creature she had become.

  • Danny had done it too! Rose was so excited that she was only smug that she’d technically done it better than Danny for a moment. They were friends, but they both had a natural inclination toward... more
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