Marissa Kendrick
I'm good at helping!
Sun Jan 28, 2018 18:15

“No, it’s not silly.” Marissa smiled from her place in the air. Her shoulder length red hair was pulled back in a small ponytail, and she’d bobby pinned spots here and there to try and keep everything in place. “Trust me, I totally get it.”

This was helping her, too. It still wasn’t long since her breakup with Danny, which had been her decision, and her conversation with Holland in the theater. That had been her decision, too. She knew that Danny liked Holland, and she definitely suspected that Holland liked Danny, but neither of them knew that she knew, even though both of them knew that Danny liked Holland. She’d made sure that Holland was aware that Marissa knew about everything and, by all accounts, was fine with it. If the two Lyras were dating, perhaps Marissa would be able to keep herself from doing something really stupid, like trying to hook up with Danny again.

She knew Holland must have said something to Danny, because the two of them suddenly changed. Perhaps she noticed because she was looking for it, but there were lots of touches and stares happening between the two, and Marissa… well, she thought she was okay, and she was, mostly. The breakup had been her choice, and she truly didn’t want to be in a relationship with Danny again. His family really didn’t like her, and she felt uncomfortable running around a fancy pureblood world. New Orleans was a fantastic place, though. She’d love to go back and enjoy that with Danny and maybe the rest of the group. It’d be a great place for a best friend gathering.

Seeing Danny and Holland get all couple-ish was still more difficult to handle than she realized, so Russell’s request to help with Quidditch had been extremely welcomed. She would’ve told him yes no matter what, because Russell was such a lovely friend and she was extremely fond of him, but it didn’t hurt that she needed a distraction, too. She’d changed from her clothes from earlier in the day to a light teal tank top and grey exercise leggings and met Russell on the Pitch at their planned time.

He wasn’t bad. Russell never gave himself enough credit. He wasn’t the best Quidditch player out there, that much was true, but he really wasn’t the worst. He tried, too. Marissa fully believed that Quidditch players who were naturally good but never practiced had no right to be captains of their team. She and Rose (who was pretty much co-captain of the Aquila team) practiced together, Danny practiced, and now Russell was actively trying to improve. That was more valuable than raw talent.

She landed her broom effortlessly and waited for Russell to do the same. Once on the ground, she scooped up the fallen Quaffle and found the equipment crate they’d borrowed from the shed. “I’m glad I can help you with this. You asking made me feel really special.” Her green eyes glanced up at him and smiled more. “I missed hanging out with you over the summer. This was lots of fun; we’re definitely gonna keep practicing together.”

  • I could use some help [Marissa] - Russell Drew, Tue Jan 23 21:51
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    • I'm good at helping! - Marissa Kendrick, Sun Jan 28 18:15
      • And what a relief that is - Russell, Tue Jan 30 16:52
        It was easy to assume that Marissa had corrected his use of the word ‘silly’ simply because they were good friends and she wanted to make him feel better. That line of thinking was, after all, pretty ... more
        • Pop, pop, fizz, fizz? - Marissa, Fri Feb 2 03:59
          Marissa laughed a little. “I get the feeling.” The summer itself hadn’t been a drag, but the last few days of it certainly had been. Plus, there were moments. The best parts of her summer had been... more
          • Snap, crackle, blush? - Russell, Sat Feb 3 21:28
            ‘Not crashing’ didn’t exactly strike him as a positive sign of one’s ability to do the whole Captain thing. Like, for the average person, ‘not crashing’ would be hardly enough to guarantee them a... more
            • Blush. Definitely blush. - Marissa, Sun Feb 4 10:17
              Marissa realized she took Russell by surprise. She knew that, compared to most other people, she had her life together. Unless someone really knew Marissa, no one could guess that she felt like... more
              • Too much blush, halp - Russell, Sun Feb 4 23:17
                … Oh . Um. Well. This was also a development of some sort, and it took no more than half a second for Russell to decide that he was much less fine with this than he had been the development moments... more
                • Abort mission! - Marissa, Sun Feb 11 17:46
                  Sometimes, it was easy to tell that something was going to be a mistake and stop it. When she’d almost gone on one of those questionable carnival rides at a fair, but she’d just finished a whole... more
                  • Escape! Escape! - Russell, Wed Feb 21 22:52
                    Now Marissa was apologizing, too, which in a way seemed to make more sense than when he had been apologizing. After all, she was the one who had initiated the whole kissing him thing (bleh). But for... more
                    • That's what I was trying to do! - Marissa, Sat Mar 3 21:39
                      Forgetting about it sounded like the perfect way to handle the situation. It would be best for their friendship – Marissa desperately didn’t want Russell to go back to square one and be nearly... more
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