Well at least it wasn't a book
Sat Jan 14, 2017 15:14

Thankfully, Connor had arrived at the two students before they’d actually made their introductions, which was very convenient for him as he didn’t have to ask them to repeat themselves. He, of course, knew the Headmaster’s daughter as Beatriz, but that was only because he’d been at RMI last year. The children of the staff were pretty well-known; sometimes the older students even babysat them. He was not old enough to do any babysitting and even if he were, Connor suspected that babies would make him very uncomfortable. He had never been around one, really, but they seemed to be wet and loud which were two qualities the Cetus really didn’t need in his surroundings.

“Connor Farnon, I’m a second year Cetus,” the brown-haired boy said, looking between the two first years. You couldn’t really tell that there was an age difference. Connor’s robes were a little too big for him in preparation for the growth spurt that hadn’t come yet leaving Connor, he felt, looking a little more like a first year than he’d like. “I’m used to McKindy’s crazy lessons,” Connor said, compensating.

With a nod, the second year acknowledged that he was more experienced in magic than Alistair or Beatriz. He didn’t think it was appropriate to mention that he was actually particularly good at Spellwork (as opposed to Defense, which he planned to drop at the earliest possible opportunity). That would be too much like bragging, and Connor hated it when people bragged so he tried not to do it himself when he could prevent it. However, he was good at Spellwork and they’d learned the Levitation Charm last year, so Connor was in a pretty good place. All he had to do was master the new charm and they would be good.

Seeing that Alistair already had a disc, Connor went to get his and then returned. “We’re definitely not strong enough to levitate each other,” the boy said, matter-of-factly. Technically human levitation was possible, but it was unusual and done only by powerful wizards. At least, according to Professor McKindy. More common was that someone would levitate the clothing of a wizard, which would bring the wizard with them. “So I think what we should do is levitate what we want out of the pile of stuff, and then use the rope charm to pull it over to us.”

  • I reckon it's decent at worst. - Alistair Hazelhurst, Fri Jan 13 17:35
    Alistair smiled at Beatriz and shook her hand, gently, but with a touch of firmness. He had no idea who she was, but she seemed to have an air of importance around her, almost like the minister and... more
    • Well at least it wasn't a book - Connor, Sat Jan 14 15:14
      • I like books! - Beatriz, Sat Jan 14 23:26
        Beatriz nodded when Alistair said nice to meet you, and that he looked forward to working with her. That seemed like an odd thing to say since he didn’t know if she would be a good worker or even... more
        • Books are a wonderful thing - Alistair Hazelhurst, Mon Jan 16 17:23
          Alistair smiled as Connor introduced himself. "Pleasure to meet you Connor. I'm in Cetus as well." Watching Connor, Alistair could tell that he was trying to put on a mature face in front of himself... more
          • Wonderful, they call me wonderful - Connor, Mon Jan 23 06:37
            When Beatriz suggested using tires, Connor looked over to where she was looking and she was right - there were several tires there. The Cetus frowned. He wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. Since... more
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