And what a relief that is
Tue Jan 30, 2018 16:52

It was easy to assume that Marissa had corrected his use of the word ‘silly’ simply because they were good friends and she wanted to make him feel better. That line of thinking was, after all, pretty much the instinctual reaction Russell had developed back when he was still baffled at how someone as fun and popular as her could even consider them friends. He still didn’t totally get it, but he’d come to feel much less baffled with it over the past couple years - so even though it was an easy assumption and did indeed jump to mind straight off, there was much less emphasis on it than there had once been.

And so Russell managed to actually feel reassured by her words. He smiled back and settled both hands around his broom once more, bony fingers guiding himself to a smooth landing. Still slower than Marissa’s descent had been, and the gap between her landing and his own sneakers touching the grass was noticeable, but smooth. The sixth-year did enjoy flying. Even if only when all trace of sunlight could be avoided. Russell wasn’t quite at the point where he liked flying more than skating - there were unique tricks that you could do with a board, and probably some of them had counterparts that worked for brooms, but flipping around in the air seemed… a little dangerous.

Although he had almost tried a trick once. Nothing too fancy, just a barrel roll that he had to bail on halfway around because there was something shiny in the stands that reflected too bright from the lower angle, but still. Trying was a start. Maybe he would try again (at night, alone, with some kind of pillowing charm prepped just in case).

Broom swinging from his hand, he followed Marissa the short distance to their equipment crate. This at first was good for him, since she said something that was almost like a compliment and compliments were tricky to know what to do with, but then became less good, as she turned to look at him and so probably noticed the heat in his cheeks. He didn’t know what blushing looked like; even staring someone head-on, it was barely noticeable to him. But he’d been told that it was really clear for colour-seeing people. Yet another disadvantage. Sigh.

“I missed it, too,” Russell admitted, disappointed but not surprised at feeling the warmth of blushing hanging around his face. “Summer was kind of a drag.” Well, with the exception of seeing his fellow skaters again. And also dancing with Josh at his cousin’s wedding. The latter had been by far the most unexpectedly not-a-drag of the two. “But that’s-- I’m glad to hear it. It’d be great to get more time together.”

Matching her smile, and diligently failing to pretend it didn’t suck that Marissa would be graduating this term, he set down his broom, crouched to open the crate, and reached up to take the Quaffle from her. There was a time that he would’ve stepped back, but he was a little more comfortable with the passing contact of their hands now. Probably something to do with getting up on stage and dancing together at the Talent Show, which had involved both more contact and more direct attention than he was used to. “Well, I guess that’s the end of my first Captaincy practice. At least no one crashed,” he joked as he straightened back up, er, semi-joked - crashing wasn’t exactly uncommon when you were photophobic.

  • I'm good at helping! - Marissa Kendrick, Sun Jan 28 18:15
    “No, it’s not silly.” Marissa smiled from her place in the air. Her shoulder length red hair was pulled back in a small ponytail, and she’d bobby pinned spots here and there to try and keep... more
    • And what a relief that is - Russell, Tue Jan 30 16:52
      • Pop, pop, fizz, fizz? - Marissa, Fri Feb 2 03:59
        Marissa laughed a little. “I get the feeling.” The summer itself hadn’t been a drag, but the last few days of it certainly had been. Plus, there were moments. The best parts of her summer had been... more
        • Snap, crackle, blush? - Russell, Sat Feb 3 21:28
          ‘Not crashing’ didn’t exactly strike him as a positive sign of one’s ability to do the whole Captain thing. Like, for the average person, ‘not crashing’ would be hardly enough to guarantee them a... more
          • Blush. Definitely blush. - Marissa, Sun Feb 4 10:17
            Marissa realized she took Russell by surprise. She knew that, compared to most other people, she had her life together. Unless someone really knew Marissa, no one could guess that she felt like... more
            • Too much blush, halp - Russell, Sun Feb 4 23:17
              … Oh . Um. Well. This was also a development of some sort, and it took no more than half a second for Russell to decide that he was much less fine with this than he had been the development moments... more
              • Abort mission! - Marissa, Sun Feb 11 17:46
                Sometimes, it was easy to tell that something was going to be a mistake and stop it. When she’d almost gone on one of those questionable carnival rides at a fair, but she’d just finished a whole... more
                • Escape! Escape! - Russell, Wed Feb 21 22:52
                  Now Marissa was apologizing, too, which in a way seemed to make more sense than when he had been apologizing. After all, she was the one who had initiated the whole kissing him thing (bleh). But for... more
                  • That's what I was trying to do! - Marissa, Sat Mar 3 21:39
                    Forgetting about it sounded like the perfect way to handle the situation. It would be best for their friendship – Marissa desperately didn’t want Russell to go back to square one and be nearly... more
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