Pop, pop, fizz, fizz?
Fri Feb 2, 2018 03:59

Marissa laughed a little. “I get the feeling.” The summer itself hadn’t been a drag, but the last few days of it certainly had been. Plus, there were moments. The best parts of her summer had been when she and Danny spent time at her home. There, everything had been easy and fun. Her dad wasn’t the happiest clam in the chowder about having her boyfriend in the Kendrick house, but her mom and Kit adored having him around. Those were the best days.

She knew that her summer turned into Not a Blast, but overall it was fine. Russell called his summer a drag, and she found herself wondering why that would be. She didn’t know much about Russell’s life outside of RMI. She knew that he danced and skated, and there was a kiss that one time, but beyond that, Marissa had no idea. The red-head, however, was an open book. She often talked about Kit and how they watched anime at home; they played and there was possibly a family Mario Kart and Mario Party tournament constantly ongoing. She went to see shows and theater stuff with her mom, and she spent time with her dad. There was her dance people and all that stuff, but mostly it was her family and extended family.

Then Russell mentioned that it’d be great to get more time together, and the freckle faced Aquila couldn’t help but feel a positive clenching in her chest.

It felt like, at no fault of their own, her own friend group was not super into spending time with her anymore. Rose was hella focused on the college thing. Danny and Holland were focused on each other – lingering touches and sidelong glances and all of Danny’s attempts at physical affection without Holland’s outright objections – so she was out. Emmett might be feeling it too, but he was dating Rose. Suddenly, she was the fifth wheel in her own friend group, which was a choice she made, so she didn’t feel entirely validated to feel badly about it at all. It felt special that Russell wanted to spend time with her.

“Well, I guess that’s the end of my first Captaincy practice. At least no one crashed.”

“See?” Marissa grinned. “It went well! You’re totally gonna be able to do this.” She certainly couldn’t claim all of the glory of the Aquila Quidditch team. If anything, that belonged to Rose. She thought that, maybe, she might be good at being a captain, but Marissa constantly bounced ideas off of her best friend. If she weren’t around, Rose would easily be able to take over and bring the team to new, fantastic heights. And she didn’t just mean literal heights, like flying in the air, but a second championship or whatever.

They were quiet for a little while, which was not something entirely new. Unlike Kit, Marissa knew how to be comfortable with silence. She closed the latch on the Quidditch kit and picked it up to look at Russell, brow furrowing slightly. “You… really want to spend more time together? With me?” She felt hesitant and self-conscious, knowing that Russell’s response really mattered to her in this moment, and the next question came out as a genuine query rather than an accusation, “Why me?”

  • And what a relief that is - Russell, Tue Jan 30 16:52
    It was easy to assume that Marissa had corrected his use of the word ‘silly’ simply because they were good friends and she wanted to make him feel better. That line of thinking was, after all, pretty ... more
    • Pop, pop, fizz, fizz? - Marissa, Fri Feb 2 03:59
      • Snap, crackle, blush? - Russell, Sat Feb 3 21:28
        ‘Not crashing’ didn’t exactly strike him as a positive sign of one’s ability to do the whole Captain thing. Like, for the average person, ‘not crashing’ would be hardly enough to guarantee them a... more
        • Blush. Definitely blush. - Marissa, Sun Feb 4 10:17
          Marissa realized she took Russell by surprise. She knew that, compared to most other people, she had her life together. Unless someone really knew Marissa, no one could guess that she felt like... more
          • Too much blush, halp - Russell, Sun Feb 4 23:17
            … Oh . Um. Well. This was also a development of some sort, and it took no more than half a second for Russell to decide that he was much less fine with this than he had been the development moments... more
            • Abort mission! - Marissa, Sun Feb 11 17:46
              Sometimes, it was easy to tell that something was going to be a mistake and stop it. When she’d almost gone on one of those questionable carnival rides at a fair, but she’d just finished a whole... more
              • Escape! Escape! - Russell, Wed Feb 21 22:52
                Now Marissa was apologizing, too, which in a way seemed to make more sense than when he had been apologizing. After all, she was the one who had initiated the whole kissing him thing (bleh). But for... more
                • That's what I was trying to do! - Marissa, Sat Mar 3 21:39
                  Forgetting about it sounded like the perfect way to handle the situation. It would be best for their friendship – Marissa desperately didn’t want Russell to go back to square one and be nearly... more
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