Satveer Mittal
A Taste of The Exotic
Thu Feb 15, 2018 16:55

Satveer was enjoying his second year. His lessons were going well, or at least he hadn’t be told otherwise, and he was expanding his social circle. Over the past few weeks, Satveer had found himself talking with Huburt from Cetus house. Huburt seemed to like hearing about Satveer’s family and their travels. Huburt was especially interested in India and how their customs and way of life differed from his own. Whilst Satveer liked Huburt and enjoyed their talks, he didn’t see Huburt as a bestie. Satveer was happy with the dynamic of their friendship as just school friends. That said, Satveer did enjoy listening to Huburt talk of what it was like growing up with Muggle parents. Satveer found (weirdly) he could relate with a lot of what Huburt described. Now, Satveer’s parents weren’t Muggles, but Satveer had a number of squib relatives (including his older brother and sister) so he saw the other side of the coin.

It was a mild mid-October Sunday afternoon. Satveer sat on his unrolled carpet, just in front of the bleachers and he couldn’t help but smile. Were it one day earlier, Satveer would have been sitting on a rain drenched pitch, covered in mud and pondering his thought process that meant him being there. Perhaps it was luck that the weather broke, or perhaps and most likely, Coach Reid had gotten the school administration to tweak the spells that controlled the weather. He felt relieved that the weather had given him a break.

Two weeks earlier, and on the back of a conversation about India, Satveer and Huburt were in the library discussing the cultural impacts and social differences of broomsticks and carpets. During the conversation a discussion around the legality of flying carpets in the western world came to light. Satveer was certain that magic carpets were banned in Great Britain. His father had told him that the Ministry Of Magic saw them as “cheap tricks with muggle artefacts”, but he was unclear if the USA had banned them. What was potentially worse, was he wasn’t sure if he was allowed it in school. Especially if it was a banned item! Though he thought it must be okay as he’d flown it a few times outside and hadn’t been told off. After a brief look through some books on magical law, most of which went over his head, Satveer decided that it was fine and more so, why shouldn’t others have a go? Within a day, Satveer had consulted Coach Reid about using the pitch, agreed a day and made and distributed posters for it. Coach Reid was all in favour of it. He’d even offered to chaperone the event and place a temporary charm on the carpet so newbies couldn’t fly too high. The posters (most of which were in the Rec Centre), read:

A Taste of The Exotic
Ever wanted to fly a magic carpet?
Why not have a go!
Taster sessions Sunday 2pm at the Quidditch Pitch. All Welcome!
~ Satveer ~

2 o’clock had stuck and whether it was for the taster sessions or not, a number of students had made their way out to the pitch. Satveer looked towards Coach Reid for one last bit of reassurance. The coach’s nod of approval was really all that was needed and Satveer stood and faced the students.

“Hello everyone! For those that don’t know me, I’m Satveer, or Sam. I go by either.” He didn’t know where it came from, but Satveer felt his self-confidence grow as soon as he asserted his name. Public speaking was for him! “Thank you for coming out this afternoon, I’m hoping we can have some fun.” Satveer looked at Coach Reid. “Some safe fun” he asserted, before returning his gaze to his audience and smiling “flying a carpet.”

Satveer stepped off his carpet “I have both a broom and carpet, but I prefer to fly on a carpet for two reasons: 1. I don’t fall off as much and 2. I can take a friend with me.” Satveer cleared his throat, “Today, I will be giving you a very basic introduction and show you on how to get started and hopefully, you can have a go yourself. We do only have one carpet amongst the group, and it is mine, so we will have to take it in turns. But we can have some fun in the process! I can’t do this next bit standing up yet, so come a little closer,” Satveer instructed the group as he sat back down on the front edge of his carpet.

“Could I have a volunteer?” Satveer asked his audience as he indicated for the willing student to sit behind him.

Aware of all the people looking at him, Satveer raised his voice a little so everyone could hear him clearly “This carpet, is, for want of a better word, a starter carpet. You fly it similar to a broomstick to start with. Kind of. The person at the front flies the carpet by putting their hand on the body of the pile and rub it lightly. This then connects your aura to the carpet so it knows who’s driving it.” Satveer placed his hand on a slightly worn piece of the carpet and stroked it. “To raise the carpet, you lift hand.” As he did this, the carpet lifted. Satveer was cautious not to lift it too high “Coach Reid has charmed the carpet for today, so that it won’t go any higher than two meters. This means that it won’t hurt so much if you fall off. To lower the carpet, you simply lower your hand to meet the carpet and it will land.” Satveer’s actions mimicked his words as the carpet landed on the floor. “To go forward simply clench your fist.” Satveer showed the group using his other hand, “and to slow down or stop and hover, tilt your hand backwards and to signal the stop sign,” again, Satveer affirmed the actions with his non-wand hand. “To turn, tilt your clenched fist the direction you wish to turn.” Satveer chuckled, “Please remember that the carpet tilts a little when turning, and you may fall off if you tilt it too much!”

Satveer looked to his passenger and nodded. “It goes a little something like this” He said smugly as he then took off with the greatest of ease and flew the carpet round the nearest goal posts and returned. “Now please, all to partner up so everyone can have a go. We can each do once around the Quidditch Pitch then swap. As there is an uneven number, we will get to go first,” Satveer hinted towards his willing volunteer. “One more thing, before I forget and someone gets hurt, when you’ve finished flying and before you swap, stroke the carpet to dissociate your aura with it.” Satveer again mimicked his actions with his words. Satveer stood up allowing his partner to move forward. “See you all in a moment or two,” Satveer said, as he sat down behind his partner. “Ready when you are” he said leaning closer to his partner’s ear.

It’s my first attempt at a biggie so be gentle :P
Treat it like a lesson however Satveer would like to be a passenger.
No rules on years or partners. However partner up and take it in turns flying together. Remember the usual posting rules etc. [Tag: Satveer] if you need any help. Whilst I have only stipulated students being present, teachers and grownups are welcome to have a go. It could be fun 😉

    • I can show you the world [Tag: Darlene] - Andrew Tennant, Fri Feb 23 16:13
      Personally Drew still thought that Satveer was kind of weird, but flying carpets sounded cool as heck. As long as Drew had been at RMI they had never done anything like a flying carpet demo.... more
      • Is it shining, shimmering, and/or splendid? - Darlene Knight, Sat Feb 24 13:17
        Darlene had never been on a first date before. Drew hadn’t exactly posed it in the way that she thought being asked on a date would go, since it seemed like maybe it was a group thing, but the young... more
        • I think it’s pretty splendid - Drew, Sun Feb 25 20:11
          Talking with Darlene, Drew found that he didn’t even mind that he hadn’t seen their his other friends today yet. Darlene looked really pretty in her ruffley dress. Drew was just wearing jeans and... more
          • “Cool. Don’t worry about it. I won’t let you fall or anything.” Darlene’s little heart did a very big flutter. Drew was so good . It was amazing. He was kind and gentlemanly and cute and wonderful,... more
            • It’s just the Quidditch Pitch - Drew, Sun Mar 11 11:16
              Drew couldn’t help grinning as Darlene wrapped her arms around him. Today was the best day of term so far and this was the best event that RMI had ever done, as far as Drew was concerned. He... more
    • Open to new experiences - Jesse Keller, Wed Feb 21 16:33
      The boy who had originally introduced himself to Jesse as Sam apparently also went by the name Satveer. Another interesting fact about Sam was that he was in possession of (or certainly had access... more
      • I'll take Ten! - Leon Finnin, Tue Mar 13 03:02
        “Yeah, I suppose.” Leon smiled at the approaching boy. He was glad that it was someone he sorta knew from classes. The boy had to recognize him too, hopefully not for the small outburst on his first... more
        • Cross them off your bucket list - Jesse, Tue Mar 13 16:17
          The other student was a boy; a first year, Jesse was fairly certain, because they had probably, almost definitely, been in flying classes together. Beginner classes were an amalgamation of first... more
    • Taste-testing sounds good to me - Nolan Ramsey, Mon Feb 19 15:35
      Nolan liked flying but he didn’t like brooms. His half of a left thigh didn’t really hold together with his right on a broom. It didn’t really sit the right way on a horse either, but that was why he ... more
      • Sure it does - Sara de Alba , Wed Feb 21 17:33
        Things were awesome! Sara de Alba couldn't really complain about how her life was going so far. Her grades were stably okay, she had friends, and she had stopped being stressed about her school work! ... more
        • Tastes like adventure - Nolan, Sun Feb 25 18:27
          He didn’t know the name of the girl he had offered to partner with, but that wasn’t a huge surprise. Even though Nolan had been at the school for about a year, he didn’t know all the non-Aquilas who... more
          • Yes! - Sara , Wed Feb 28 13:39
            Sara was glad that the older wizard introduced himself. She had no idea what his name was, but he was familiar to the third-year. The school wasn't too big, and the brown-haired witch was certain she ... more
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