Jesse Keller
Open to new experiences
Wed Feb 21, 2018 16:33

The boy who had originally introduced himself to Jesse as Sam apparently also went by the name Satveer. Another interesting fact about Sam was that he was in possession of (or certainly had access to) a magic carpet. Jesse had never even seen a magic carpet before, let alone rode on one, so he was keen to try (sometimes it was inevitable that he would not enjoy new experiences, but Jesse was often keen to try). He didnít know what was the best attire for riding a carpet - it didnít seem to necessitate the unrestrictive clothes preferential for broomstick riding - but he didnít have much to choice in his limited wardrobe anyway. He dressed in a looser fitting pair of faded blue jeans that morning, and a dark green t-shirt with small, paler green dinosaur silhouette prints on it. The placement of the motifs was supposed to look random, Jesse was fairly sure, but heíd soon identified a pattern that featured the gallimimus and the triceratops either side of what was probably supposed to be a T-rex but was clearly an allosaurus at predictable intervals. He even wore green socks to maintain some degree of co-ordination.

Jesse tried to listen to the instructions, which was made easier by Sam demonstrating as he spoke - directions being presented in two media simultaneously always proved to be more coherent to the Draco - but there were lots of people here to distract his attention in various other ways, by whispering to each other or jostling amongst the crowd. He caught some bits about moving your first and arm around, and tilting, and that they could go in partners. Jesse immediately decided that being partners with Sam was clearly the best way to go, because he had flown a carpet before - and then again, just now, so they could all see that he could actually do it - so Jesse would not have to remember the instructions, and also he liked Sam, who was friendly and had been very supportive in their spellwork partnership.

Unfortunately, someone else apparently reached that conclusion, too, because they were quicker than Jesse to volunteer. The pale-skinned boy tried not to feel too disheartened; there was a high likelihood that someone else in this group had been capable of paying more attention to the instructions, and perhaps between them they could avoid crashing into the stands. Jesse was sure he would regret passing up this opportunity, so having a go and crashing was better than not having a go at all. So with determination he picked out someone in the crowd he recognised from beginner classes as said, ďIíve never flown a carpet before but I expect thatís true of most of us.Ē

  • A Taste of The Exotic - Satveer Mittal, Thu Feb 15 16:55
    Satveer was enjoying his second year. His lessons were going well, or at least he hadnít be told otherwise, and he was expanding his social circle. Over the past few weeks, Satveer had found himself... more
    • I can show you the world [Tag: Darlene] - Andrew Tennant, Fri Feb 23 16:13
      Personally Drew still thought that Satveer was kind of weird, but flying carpets sounded cool as heck. As long as Drew had been at RMI they had never done anything like a flying carpet demo.... more
      • Is it shining, shimmering, and/or splendid? - Darlene Knight, Sat Feb 24 13:17
        Darlene had never been on a first date before. Drew hadnít exactly posed it in the way that she thought being asked on a date would go, since it seemed like maybe it was a group thing, but the young... more
        • I think itís pretty splendid - Drew, Sun Feb 25 20:11
          Talking with Darlene, Drew found that he didnít even mind that he hadnít seen their his other friends today yet. Darlene looked really pretty in her ruffley dress. Drew was just wearing jeans and... more
          • ďCool. Donít worry about it. I wonít let you fall or anything.Ē Darleneís little heart did a very big flutter. Drew was so good . It was amazing. He was kind and gentlemanly and cute and wonderful,... more
            • Itís just the Quidditch Pitch - Drew, Sun Mar 11 11:16
              Drew couldnít help grinning as Darlene wrapped her arms around him. Today was the best day of term so far and this was the best event that RMI had ever done, as far as Drew was concerned. He... more
    • Open to new experiences - Jesse Keller, Wed Feb 21 16:33
      • I'll take Ten! - Leon Finnin, Tue Mar 13 03:02
        ďYeah, I suppose.Ē Leon smiled at the approaching boy. He was glad that it was someone he sorta knew from classes. The boy had to recognize him too, hopefully not for the small outburst on his first... more
        • Cross them off your bucket list - Jesse, Tue Mar 13 16:17
          The other student was a boy; a first year, Jesse was fairly certain, because they had probably, almost definitely, been in flying classes together. Beginner classes were an amalgamation of first... more
    • Taste-testing sounds good to me - Nolan Ramsey, Mon Feb 19 15:35
      Nolan liked flying but he didnít like brooms. His half of a left thigh didnít really hold together with his right on a broom. It didnít really sit the right way on a horse either, but that was why he ... more
      • Sure it does - Sara de Alba , Wed Feb 21 17:33
        Things were awesome! Sara de Alba couldn't really complain about how her life was going so far. Her grades were stably okay, she had friends, and she had stopped being stressed about her school work! ... more
        • Tastes like adventure - Nolan, Sun Feb 25 18:27
          He didnít know the name of the girl he had offered to partner with, but that wasnít a huge surprise. Even though Nolan had been at the school for about a year, he didnít know all the non-Aquilas who... more
          • Yes! - Sara , Wed Feb 28 13:39
            Sara was glad that the older wizard introduced himself. She had no idea what his name was, but he was familiar to the third-year. The school wasn't too big, and the brown-haired witch was certain she ... more
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