Sara de Alba
Sure it does
Wed Feb 21, 2018 17:33

Things were awesome! Sara de Alba couldn't really complain about how her life was going so far. Her grades were stably okay, she had friends, and she had stopped being stressed about her school work! The third-year had finally adjusted to RMI and her parents were somewhat happy with her academic progress. So much that the past summer had been the first time since she had free time to enjoy being a thirteen-year old. Her tutoring sessions had been reduced to two hours per day which was awesome in her opinion. Sara had spent her summer being social with childhood friends and even going with her father to work (the university) and seen him give his lectures. Of course, Sara had been diligently taking notes because she loved animals! And wanted to be a Magizoologist when she grew up. The idea of following her dadís footsteps made her happy!

Sara had started spending a lot of time with Kit Kendrick and her pet Tarantula, Darby, and she loved every second of it. She usually let herself get riled up by Kitís limitless energy and they had ended up having a lot of fun while Darby hitched a ride for the funtimes. It was super cute! But also, Sara had some doubts about Darby, not that she was scared of him or being racist towards him - Kit swore by this! - it was just something there that didn't add up. However, it wasn't such a big of a deal because Sara usually forgot about rather quickly.

Adventures were fun! And now she was heading towards something exciting too. She had seen a poster that offered fun times on a flying carpet! Which sounded cool beyond words and the Lyra wanted to try it. So, the brown-haired thirteen-year old headed towards the Quidditch Pitch on the date and time that the poster said. The witch had gathered with the rest of the students and listened to the explanation given by Sam. She nodded, assuring herself that she understood, but the second an older student asked her to partner up she brightened, ďYes. Sounds good to me,Ē she answered. She was okay with having an older students steer for the first time. It felt safer, anyways.

  • Taste-testing sounds good to me - Nolan Ramsey, Mon Feb 19 15:35
    Nolan liked flying but he didnít like brooms. His half of a left thigh didnít really hold together with his right on a broom. It didnít really sit the right way on a horse either, but that was why he ... more
    • Sure it does - Sara de Alba , Wed Feb 21 17:33
      • Tastes like adventure - Nolan, Sun Feb 25 18:27
        He didnít know the name of the girl he had offered to partner with, but that wasnít a huge surprise. Even though Nolan had been at the school for about a year, he didnít know all the non-Aquilas who... more
        • Yes! - Sara , Wed Feb 28 13:39
          Sara was glad that the older wizard introduced himself. She had no idea what his name was, but he was familiar to the third-year. The school wasn't too big, and the brown-haired witch was certain she ... more
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