Tastes like adventure
Sun Feb 25, 2018 18:27

He didn’t know the name of the girl he had offered to partner with, but that wasn’t a huge surprise. Even though Nolan had been at the school for about a year, he didn’t know all the non-Aquilas who weren’t in his classes. He’d say he was friends with Myffi because they spent time together doing AgriClub stuff, and he liked Connor all right, but he wasn’t a social butterfly. He hadn’t been one at home in Oklahoma either, but since there were only a handful of kids in his classes then, no one really was. They all just knew each other because their families knew each other already, so they came from the same social circle.

At RMI that wasn’t the case, what with all the Muggleborns and all the international students. Not that that was, like, a bad thing, necessarily. It just meant that people didn’t already know each other. Which Nolan guessed was the point of him going to RMI, so that he could meet a bunch of people, but he could tell that his parents had not meant for him to establish social connections with everyone at RMI, because some of them were not really the kind of people who there was any advantage to socially connecting with. The thing was that the fun ones and the good-social-connections ones usually weren’t the same, and Nolan was a lot more interested in fun than he was in social stuff.

“I’m Nolan Ramsey,” he said, offering his hand to shake, the way he’d been taught to introduce himself. He had a good handshake now because over the summer, Grandfather Ramsey had made him practice holding his wrist firm and squeezing just the right amount. That was how you made a good impression. “Pleasure to meet you,” he drawled.

“You fly much? I’m used to winged horses, not brooms or carpets. But I reckon they’re pretty similar.” His only complaints about brooms were mechanical. From his understanding, brooms reacted to the rider kind of like how horses did. They just didn’t do anything while they weren’t being ridden, which Nolan thought was kind of weird. If brooms were a little bit alive, then they should be alive all the time.

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    • Tastes like adventure - Nolan, Sun Feb 25 18:27
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