I think it’s pretty splendid
Sun Feb 25, 2018 20:11

Talking with Darlene, Drew found that he didn’t even mind that he hadn’t seen their his other friends today yet. Darlene looked really pretty in her ruffley dress. Drew was just wearing jeans and sneakers and a Heartless Nebula t-shirt under a short-sleeved buttondown. He felt a little bit underdressed, but then he remembered that Darlene always looked, like, a lot fancier than everyone else. Drew thought that he probably wouldn’t have picked something with a skirt for a kind of outdoorsy activity, but then again he wasn’t a girl so what did he know? The only times he’d ever worn a skirt was when playing dress-up with Madeleine and Kit, and even then he’d just wear it over his jeans or shorts so he could still move around like normal.

“Cool. Don’t worry about it,” Drew said. He’d been flying since he was pretty young, and now he was on the Cetus Quidditch team, so heights didn’t really bother him. Hopefully the flying carpet being bigger than a broom would help Darlene not feel scared. So would the fact that Sam said the carpets could only go up two meters, probably (Drew was not totally sure how long a meter was but the way Sam said it made him think that it wasn’t all that high).

Although Darlene must not be too scared of heights, because if she was, she wouldn’t have agreed to come to a flying carpet event, right? Right. It would be fine. He couldn’t promise that it wouldn’t be scary, but—“I won’t let you fall or anything,” he promised her. Okay so he probably couldn’t guarantee that either, but he would do his best. Drew was a pretty safe flier and he almost never fell off his broom, so he thought he could handle keeping Darlene on a flying carpet.

When they got to the front of the line, Drew volunteered to steer the carpet first, since Darlene had seemed a little nervous about flying at all. This way she could just sit behind and he would make sure the carpet did what it was supposed to. Just like Sam had demonstrated, Drew stroked the carpet, and then experimentally lifted his hand to see if it worked. The carpet went up. Drew did this a few times to make sure he had the hang of it, and then lowered the carpet again so that Darlene could easily step on, because chivalry. Drew settled down in front of her when she was seated. “You ready? Hold on,” he said. When she seemed really ready, Drew raised his hand slightly and clenched his fist, so the carpet went forward—no not that fast. He slowed it down a little. There. That was better.

  • Is it shining, shimmering, and/or splendid? - Darlene Knight, Sat Feb 24 13:17
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    • I think it’s pretty splendid - Drew, Sun Feb 25 20:11
      • “Cool. Don’t worry about it. I won’t let you fall or anything.” Darlene’s little heart did a very big flutter. Drew was so good . It was amazing. He was kind and gentlemanly and cute and wonderful,... more
        • It’s just the Quidditch Pitch - Drew, Sun Mar 11 11:16
          Drew couldn’t help grinning as Darlene wrapped her arms around him. Today was the best day of term so far and this was the best event that RMI had ever done, as far as Drew was concerned. He... more
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