Leopold Harris
Pity party for one
Mon Feb 26, 2018 16:49

Leo was having a bad day, a bad week, really. Classes weren’t going any worse than usual, in fact things were better than ever these days and Leo had to give Myffi some of the credit for that, but it was still school, and he was still the sixteen year old repeating fourth year. He’d been cast in the school musical which Leo had been chuffed about for all of five minutes, before realising that really, that was a lot of pressure. And if he made a mess of that it wasn’t just himself he was ruining things for, and Leo really didn’t need more people to think he was a waste of space. And then there was Quidditch. Leo missed it and everytime he thought about that damn Taylor kid out there playing his position, Leo just wanted to punch things. He had in fact been taking out a lot of his frustration on his bedroom wall, so much so that his knuckles were looking a little purple and ached, a constant reminder that he was annoyed at life.

In an effort to cheer himself up by making his pockets a bit heavier and letting his mom know that she couldn’t run his life he’d begun searching for a job on Pearl Street. It was not going well. Leo knew he probably wasn't built for working in customer service but he hadn’t expected prospective employers to pick up on it so quickly, he’d even made a real effort to smile and do the eye-contact thing, but it seemed he lacked not just references but also a winning personality. Who knew?

He’d thought about going to Tennent for some careers advice, but quickly changed his mind. He was probably the member of staff spying on him for his mom and Leo was not going to give her more fuel to use against him. She always found a way to twist everything he did so that it was somehow ‘irresponsible’ or ‘self-centred’. She’d been suffocating him with constant correspondence since the year began, asking him about his grades and if he’d made any new friends, blahblahblah. It was insufferable. He’d made a point of not responding for the past two weeks but her letters filled with false concern just kept coming. The woman couldn’t take a hint, so he’d caved and wrote to his sister, Brandy and expressed his frustration in the hope that it would get back to his mom. Of course Brandy turned out to be a total traitor, Mom just cares about you. Why won’t you write her? She’s so sad . Ugh. Family is the absolute worst. You could never count on them to have your back.

When Leo was feeling this crappy he would normally go flying, so of course his feet had automatically started directing him toward the Quidditch Pitch but when Leo got there he just ended up thinking about perfect Taylor and got mad all over again. So instead of grabbing a broom, from the shed, he pulled back his foot and kicked the door. It felt good, so he did it again, and again and again. Even more enraged than before, Leo felt his cheeks heating up and his hands beginning to shake. He couldn’t say how long he’d stood there abusing the broomshed, seconds, minutes? But eventually, Leo grew tired and flopped down on the ground. Legs outstretched, and head resting against the shed, he shut his eyes and tried to steady his breathing. Leo sniffed, his eyes had grown itchy and filled with water, causing him to blink furiously. Great, just what he needed to make this day even better- his allergies to flare up. He sat there for a moment, deeply committed to feeling sorry for himself, until he heard what sounded like approaching footsteps, eyes still shut, he quickly barked in a hoarse voice, “Pineapple off.” Leo was not in the mood for company and he’d been here first, so the pitch was his for the moment, even if all he wanted it for was his own little pity party.

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