Wed Feb 28, 2018 13:39

Sara was glad that the older wizard introduced himself. She had no idea what his name was, but he was familiar to the third-year. The school wasn't too big, and the brown-haired witch was certain she could recognize everyone, well almost. She sure one or two people from the school would escape her radar. However, there were people that couldn't be missed, like Holland. Sara had never interacted with her, but she usually stared a bit when the upper year crossed her path. It was hard to miss someone that usually had awesome hair every day. She wondered what her parents would say if she went back for summer break with bright green hair. They would probably flip! The thought made her giggle a bit.

“I am Sara de Alba,” she responded to his introduction while shaking the offered hand. Sara found this kind of odd, since she was used to greet people with smiles and hugs. Her father had always been effusive when it came to greetings, and Nolan’s handshake had the air of formality. However, she smiled at Nolan. “Same here,” she finished while letting go of his hand and looking around the pitch. People seemed to having a blast, but the truth was that Sara rarely flied. She was not afraid of heights, but flying wasn't a big interest of her.

The Lyra blushed a bit before answering Nolan’s next question, “Not really”. However, her interest reached an all time high at the word Winger Horses, or rather two words. “Wow,” she said in amazement. “You fly winged horses?” the excitement and amazement were clearly reflected in her voice and brown eyes. Sara had seen those animals in pictures, but she had not been lucky enough to see them in real life. The third-year worked really hard to maintain a more cool demeanor, but she was visibly failing. She loved animals! Every type of flufffriends.

  • Tastes like adventure - Nolan, Sun Feb 25 18:27
    He didn’t know the name of the girl he had offered to partner with, but that wasn’t a huge surprise. Even though Nolan had been at the school for about a year, he didn’t know all the non-Aquilas who... more
    • Yes! - Sara , Wed Feb 28 13:39
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