It’s just the Quidditch Pitch
Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:16

Drew couldn’t help grinning as Darlene wrapped her arms around him. Today was the best day of term so far and this was the best event that RMI had ever done, as far as Drew was concerned. He genuinely had tried to invite other people today, but now that he was here he was pretty glad that it was just him and Darlene. He was especially glad that Kit wasn’t there. She was his best friend and he liked hanging out with her but boy did she make it hard to hang out with Darlene at the same time. He didn’t get why they didn’t like each other so much. Okay so Darlene was scared of Darby, but Kit could’ve given her more time to get used to the tarantula. Not everyone had an aunt like Jessie who taught you about how cool creepy crawly things were. Kit wasn’t great at easing people into things, she was more “push you into the deep end of the pool and then tell you how great swimming is.”

But Drew had a couple of ideas for fixing that. If he helped Darlene come up with something nice to do for Darby and she did it, then Kit would probably decide they were cool, because the fastest way to Kit’s heart was probably through her tarantula. Like if Darlene gave Darby something cool for his tank then Kit would have to get that Darlene was actually really sweet.

Flying a carpet was a lot different from flying a broom, and Drew couldn’t decide if that was a good or bad thing. When you were on a broom you had to lean with your whole body to steer, but with the carpet he just had to pay attention to what his hand was doing. On the other hand (ha) he was used to flying a broom, so his instinct was to do the leaning thing anyway. Also it had been a while since Drew had flown anything without carrying a bat or being surrounded by six to thirteen other players. He caught himself checking for Bludgers twice before his brain figured out that they weren’t in a Quidditch game.

“Yeah,” Drew agreed with Darlene. ‘Brilliant’ was a great way to describe how everything felt right now. “No problem. I’m really glad you came. I like hanging out with you.” Darlene had loosened her grip around his waist, but he could feel that she had learned forward. Grinning, Drew chanced a quick glance over his shoulder at Darlene. She looked like she was having fun. “Hang on, we’re gonna do a little dive, okay?” He took the carpet up as high as it would go, which still wasn’t too far off the ground but whatever, this was really cool even if they were only like three feet up. Then he tilted a loose fist down, but not too steep, just enough so they dropped a couple feet and then leveled out again. Cool. He was getting the hang of this. “You still good?” he asked, turning to glance at her again.

  • “Cool. Don’t worry about it. I won’t let you fall or anything.” Darlene’s little heart did a very big flutter. Drew was so good . It was amazing. He was kind and gentlemanly and cute and wonderful,... more
    • It’s just the Quidditch Pitch - Drew, Sun Mar 11 11:16
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