Andres Fernández
Anime? I thought this was Math Class.
Sat Jan 14, 2017 18:10

Andres opened his eyes slowly in the morning, turning his head towards the incoming light through his window shades. After years of being haggled, dragged, and sprayed to get out of bed, his internal clock had gotten used to waking up extremely early. Although class started in two or three hours, Andres was already getting ready. He liked to take his time in the shower, not because he was a particularly cleanly person, but because he liked the warmth of the steamy water. After staying a lengthy time (he measured time by how many renditions of The Bangles' Walk Like an Egyptian he could do). He'd giggle to himself, replacing the "Egyptian" in the lyrics to "Aged Cuban", and eventually would stop singing by how hard he was laughing.

Still giggling to himself as he got out, he came to the realization that it had been one of the longest showers he had ever taken- nearly 25 minutes. His mother was an adamant believer of the whole conserving water movement, not because she gave a damn about the environment, but because "tu no pagas para la agua en esta casa". Drying his curly black locks, he shook his head, spraying droplets of water everywhere, as he put on his clothes for the first day of class. He decided on one of his newer out fits, a pink polo with light mint green pants and brown boating shoes. His mother had complained that pink wasn't his color, for reasons he didn't understand, but she finally gave in after he wouldn't stop talking about it for a good two weeks. Truth was, it wasn't even the color that intrigued Andres, but rather the feeling of owning something that wasn't a hand-me-down from his older brother Gilberto. If his mother could buy Emilia new dresses, she could at least buy something new for Andres as well.

Feeling pretty spunky, he made his way down the dorm stairs confidently, which prompted him to trip and fall in front of a group of fifth through seventh year boys coming the opposite direction. Most of them laughed, but one among them stepped forward and helped Andres up, making sure he was okay. It was Elijah. Nervously, Andres laughed it up and thanked the older Ceti for his help before bidding him a good day and walking as far as way as possible. In passing, he saw the poster that said his first class had been changed to the Quidditch Pitch which made him feel a little better; since he had been told he was a wizard, Andres had been fascinated with the magic sport, which he found much more interesting than muggle sports. He had become a pretty good beater over the course of his studies, and had already signed up for the Quidditch team at RMI.

He had a quick breakfast, his favorite- cinnammon toast crunch with chocolate milk- and made his way to the pitch a good twenty minutes before everyone else. He gave a curt nod and smile to the professor who was already on the field, and fiddled with his music player (something he got charmed on the first day, because if he couldn't listen to his anime soundtracks, then what even was the point) until he was surrounded by a good amount of colleagues. Popping his earbuds out, he listened to the professor's instructions and nodded to himself with every new thing. Andres preformed pretty averagely in spellwork, so he wasn't too worried, but he made note of the new spell they were learning, Carpe Rectractum.

Pulling out his dark-colored Dogwood wand, he tried imitating the professor's movements while mouthing the words, which admittedly killed some grass around him, but he wasn't gonna say anything if no one saw anything. At that moment, a young girl walked behind Andres and extended her arm. "IT WAS LIKE THAT WHEN I GOT HERE," he said defensively, but then he realized she was introducing herself. Laughing nervously, he shook her hand a little too hard, as he spoke. "Oh, haha, hi, I'm Andres. Uh, wanna work together?"

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    • Anime? I thought this was Math Class. - Andres Fernández, Sat Jan 14 18:10
      • Math Class? What school am I in again? - Tains, Sun Jan 15 23:02
        Tains was a little shaken -- literally -- by the abrupt handshake. But she couldn’t help but smile. He was the first person she’d met who’d actually shaken her hand. Granted, she couldn’t blame the... more
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