Leon Finnin
I'll take Ten!
Tue Mar 13, 2018 03:02

“Yeah, I suppose.” Leon smiled at the approaching boy. He was glad that it was someone he sorta knew from classes. The boy had to recognize him too, hopefully not for the small outburst on his first real day of classes. He really was working towards bettering himself, and not being afraid of spiders.

That’s partially why the young Cetus came here. He wanted to meet new people, and hopefully make one friend before the term was over. After all the musical hadn’t really helped sofar, even though he was damn good, and he was running out of option. So when this slightly taller boy walked up to him and said something, unprompted, a little butterfly flapped in Leon’s stomach.

“So… uh… would you like to partner with me?” A slight sound of unconfidence in the blonde kids voice as he asked. “It’s not like you have to or anything, I just… here… let me start over.”

Leon took a breath then arched his back a bit more, which was his idea of straightening up, cause he already stood with pretty decent posture most of the time. He smiled stuck out his hand and said “Yeah, its all new, but we got this, I’m Leon. Would you like to be my learning partner?”

The Cetus knew he was probably a bit funny looking, but it's better to be knowingly laughed at than unknowingly.

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    • I'll take Ten! - Leon Finnin, Tue Mar 13 03:02
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