Cross them off your bucket list
Tue Mar 13, 2018 16:17

The other student was a boy; a first year, Jesse was fairly certain, because they had probably, almost definitely, been in flying classes together. Beginner classes were an amalgamation of first through to third years, so it was harder to identify age groups from that context alone, but first years had flying class together, and the Draco thought they were for the first years only. Unless there were some second year stragglers maybe that attended for remedial flying tuition. Jesse didn’t know whether that was a real scenario or if he’d just made it up to confuse himself.

The other boy smiled, so Jesse smiled back. He was still learning names (he’d remembered the name of his roommate, Keith, after the first week, and had just about learned all the professors who taught him after the first month, although he had no idea about members of faculty with whom he did not interact), and he wasn’t sure, but maybe this boy was Theo or Leo or something completely different. Jesse didn’t use his name, because he wasn’t sure what the correct one might be, but he did start nodding when the blond boy asked if he would like to partner up, his own, much darker hair bobbing a little along with his head. Although then his maybe-partner sounded like he had changed his mind, so Jesse stopped nodding and frowned instead. What was happening here? Did his shirt smell bad or something? He’s put it on clean that morning, and there were house elves to wash his clothes here when he forgot to pick them up himself and put them in the laundry hamper, so he could be pretty sure it was actually clean and not just forgotten about being worn so put back away again without being washed.

Suddenly the other boy stood straighter and started all over again, like the first part of their interaction didn’t count. Maybe it was a dress rehearsal. His last school had done those sometimes when they were putting on a production, although Jesse never went on the stage because he couldn’t learn lines or remember where to stand, and he got too distracted to pay any attention to things like cues, so mostly he just gave people stuff they needed - they called them props - before they went on stage. He could remember that because it was like a pattern, the same things to the same people in the same order. Sometimes they wore the costumes without the audience being there: that was the dress rehearsal. But Jesse was still listening to Leon (he’d said his name now, which was very helpful) so it wasn’t really like a dress rehearsal after all.

“Jesse,” he replied, pleased that he’d been provided with a name without having to ask. He might have asked once or twice or thrice before and not remembered. Apparently it was rude or tiresome to keep asking people the same things so Jesse tried not to do that too often. He also tried to learn names, but he really wasn’t great at that, because people looked different if they changed their hair or clothes or didn’t sleep enough or wore make up or didn’t wear their glasses and how was he supposed to keep track of all those changes? So yes it was great that Leon said his name. It was less great that he put his hand out to shake because Jesse wasn’t sure he really liked shaking hands, but he knew he couldn’t just ignore the gesture, so he shook it just once before letting it drop and decided that was just fine.

“I would like to be your learning partner, yes,” Jesse answered the question with another, more enthusiastic - just in case Leon might be tempted to change his mind again, Jesse wanted to make it as clear as possible that he did want to ride a flying carpet with the other boy - nod of his head. “I think it would be better to try and crash than to not try at all,” he spoke aloud his earlier thought. “I hope we don’t crash,” he clarified, just in case he was misinterpreted as planning that outcome, “but I crashed my broomstick the first few times I rode it so I know that flying new things sometimes leads to crashes. I was quite young when I rode a broomstick for the first time though. Maybe six. I don’t really remember.” He could recall odd snippets and isolated sections of his younger childhood but not anything in great depth or detail, and definitely not particular timelines of first experiences. “I’ve never flown a carpet,” he added to be thorough, but then felt like maybe he’d said that already. He decided it didn’t matter if he had, because Leon had repeated himself about wanting to be partners, so he surely wouldn’t mind if Jesse repeated himself about never flying a carpet before.

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    “Yeah, I suppose.” Leon smiled at the approaching boy. He was glad that it was someone he sorta knew from classes. The boy had to recognize him too, hopefully not for the small outburst on his first... more
    • Cross them off your bucket list - Jesse, Tue Mar 13 16:17
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