Dardanius Dubois
Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:19

Seventh year had some redeeming qualities, despite occasionally feeling like there were insufficient hours in each day to complete classes and homework assignments, let alone Quidditch practices, prefect duties, dueling club, and college applications. Sometimes it was necessary to just drop everything, and soak in the final rays of the sun as it inevitably set on one’s childhood. Temporarily giving up on Rob’s puzzle (formulating an antidote using only the ingredients used to concoct the poison, for five different potions), Danny changed from his jeans into some looser fitting cargo pants, grabbed his broomstick and head out to the pitch.

Even on the way there the Lyra found himself mentally reviewing the applications he had already submitted (including for a internship at his grandfather’s workplace over the summer, on which he was guaranteed a place, but felt it polite to play along like he was a regular applicant) and those he had yet to complete. There was some pressure from his family for Dardanius to attend the Delta College of Sorcery, where his father had earned his degree, but then his family didn’t know that Danny had recently turned down the invitation to form a respectable union with a perfectly suitable girl in preference of dating Holland. Admittedly it had only been a couple of months since they decided to see whether a non-platonic relationship would work for them, but so far the experiment had been a success. Even if it didn’t last past the summer, Danny still wasn’t eager to spend four years studying at an institution that encouraged the traditions of pureblood hierarchy, surrounded by peers who supported its ideals of marriage for practicality, the patriarchy, and heteronormativity. Increasingly Danny felt caught in a system he did not know how to be a part of. Changing the system from within had appealed to him from the moment the concept had been suggested to him, but how it might be accomplished, when any resistance against expectations was historically so hastily extinguished, was a conundrum he had yet to solve.

Approaching the pitch, Danny detoured from just kicking off and flying for a while as there was a person lying by the shed. Experience had taught him that a student lying on the floor was usually just that, but on the off-chance said student was in some sort of trouble, the Quidditch Captain felt compelled to check on them. He was still a short distance away when he recognised Leo, and only a few steps closer when the younger student swore at him. Honestly, hostility from other students was kind of becoming the new standard. Claudia and Ruben had both been openly hostile to Danny (though in all fairness, the case had always been the same with the Aquila) and Steven - with whom Danny had always gotten along well, even if they’d never been good friends - seemed to be avoiding him for reasons Danny could only guess. In this case, however, Leo hadn’t even looked over, so he was probably just swearing at whoever approached, and not Danny specifically.

“Not looking likely,” he replied cheerfully, cutting Leo some slack because he liked him, and he was having to repeat a year, which had to suck.

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