Marley Chapman
Beating around the bush
Tue Apr 10, 2018 00:55

Marley had read enough teen lit to know that your First Kiss™ was supposed to make you feel different, older, and basically like a brand-new person. She certainly didn’t feel that way coming back to RMI after the holidays. However, she had also read enough teen lit to know that the standard description of First Kisses™ as something that caused fireworks to go off inside your brain and might even inspire random fireworks outside too was a big old lie. (Well it was either a lie or her own experience was just pathetic, but she couldn’t really believe that.) So despite briefly wondering if something was wrong with her, the teenager concluded that probably the whole changing-your-life thing was totally fake too.

Kissing Devon at the station’s family Christmas party had been weird, because they were hiding in an empty studio around the corner from the kiddie facepainting station which was both the safest place for avoiding adults and also the most startling place because of random toddler shrieks. And it had been comfortable, because although he was a whole year older than her, she was tall enough that their heads were almost the same height even when they were sitting on the floor under the window. And it had been a bit a lot wetter than she’d expected, but not in a gross way, and that had also been weird. And it had been fun. That was the weirdest part, really. She had never kissed anyone before, at least not properly with, like, mouths, and she hadn’t ever particularly wanted to kiss Devon until he’d suggested it cause he was her dad’s manager’s son and they only ever saw each other a few times a year or less, anyways. But it had still been fun, both the kissing Devon part and the kissing in general part, and also the part where they had to sneak out of the studio in time to join everyone at dessert and then she got to experience eating fudge cake while pretending like her mouth wasn’t still kinda tingly. The kissing parts were obviously waaay more fun than the eating cake part, but eating cake after kissing had been a unique experience. Like, why did teen lit books even bother lying about there being fireworks during your First Kiss™ when they could instead focus on First Eating After A Kiss™? It was more like fizzlers than fireworks, but still closer to fireworks than the sparkless wet of kissing had been.

Everything had been fun and weird and mostly fun until literally hours later when she and Dad were ubering home, and then the question of did that count as cheating on Teal suddenly occurred to her. That had inspired a round of staring back and forth between different trees and cars out of the window while trying not to hyperventilate under the pressure of spontaneous panic. Fortunately Dad was still acting spaced out, most likely because of the ~mystery elixir~ that the station’s junior music librarian-slash-Acapella Afternoons host had brought in, so he hadn’t noticed or at least hadn’t said anything and that gave Marley plenty of time to panic and even more time to think herself back down after she was curled up under her gram’s deep red quilt.

On one hand, it was totally cheating, because she still really liked Teal and they had never technically broken up. On the other hand, they had never technically been girlfriends, and hadn’t organized any real dates since their first date, and they had never even kissed. Kissing a boy once for fun couldn’t really count as cheating when she and Teal had never announced that they were a couple who only kissed each other… right?

It was hard, but Marley had eventually accepted it enough that she could fall asleep, although she shot up awake at six-stoopid-thirty-A.M. Not because of how she probably definitely hadn't cheated on Teal, but because she remembered how fun kissing was and that probably definitely meant she was bi. Which wasn't a huge surprise, admittedly, and also wasn't hugely important. It was like Holland said, something about how labels didn't matter as long as you and the people you were with were all happy and respectful and whatever. Now the only question was whether or not she owed it to Teal to tell her about kissing Devon... but that decision had been postponed. She had written Teal a Christmas card before the party, so she didn't even have to hide it, really, and she couldn't feel bad about hiding it when she hadn't hidden it. And it was probably better to talk in person anyways, even though Marley had learned that neither she nor Teal were very good at talking about their relationship unless Kit had helpfully mucked up a truth serum in the room. Professor Rob probably wouldn't let Kit near his Veritaserum again, though.

But enough of all that! Marley had had her first kiss (the extra capitalization was clearly unnecessary after all) and it hadn't actually changed her despite what teen lit had made her expect, and that was a hundred and ten percent a good thing because she didn't want to be changed just because she had fun kissing a boy for like, barely even minutes, especially when it was a boy who wasn't a friend per se since she didn't actually know him very well in the first place. And now she was gonna... do... something that didn't involve so much braining, or any braining, or at least any circley braining. Like um uhhh. Quidditch practice. By herself, obviously, because Danny hadn't scheduled a team practice today.

Skipping through the empty changeroom, she debated for a moment before taking off her denim vest and folding it up for storage in a locker. She'd acquired a couple new patches over Midterm break, and she had ironed them on and then sewn around the edges too so it was pretty unlikely they'd come off, but Quidditch could get rough even when just flying solo so it couldn't hurt to be careful. The hoodie she'd had on underneath was quilted and warm despite being frayed a little thin in the elbows, and she had her Lyra scarf besides, which she now re-wrapped so that it hugged her neck high enough to tickle her ears too. Then came her helmet and sturdy wrist- and ankle-wraps, and gloves and goggles and finally her precious secondhand bat and broom, and then she was hurrying across the field to the storage shed and --

and there was already someone inside. Caught by surprise, Marley let out a wordless squeak before recovering and flashing the other student a grin. "Sorry, I didn't think anyone else would be out right now! Are you also here to get some extra practice in before the matches start up again?"

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      • Just as long as we don't clip a wing - Marley, Sat Apr 14 14:48
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