Lilly-Anna Shu
Hedge trimmers helps with getting around the bushes
Tue Apr 10, 2018 14:05

Lilly-Anna had quite theÖ interesting winter break. The usual winter festivities still happened, of course. Her father wasnít so into the Christmas thing, as it wasnít as huge in Chinese culture as American. Her mother, however, was one of the most festive people Lilly-Anna had ever met. So the house was decked out in every bit of holly-jolly that there could be. So in that way, Christmas was the same. A red envelope from her grandparents full of muggle money, socks and underpants as usual under the tree, and the good presents of course. This year she had gotten a pair of gloves meant to help with flying. Lilly-Anna had been talking about learning how to play Quidditch a lot with her parents. They responded by telling her to raise her grades first, but judging by the gift they supported her idea. In addition to that was a delightful mixture of muggle and magical candy (the magical from her uncle, Lee-Sin, who was actually at Christmas this year!). Her parents also got her a large fluffy blanket for her dorm room, per her request. It gets too cold for her at night in the winter, and after three years she wised up and decided she wanted extra blankets.

The second year of her second year she had been going to her classes, participating, and getting her scores up so she could actually continue to her third year this time. She was tired of being the only 13 year old second year around. Though, from her size you wouldnít know it. Five feet isnít really hitting the top shelf after all. But it was this being held back that led to the interesting break. Her parents sat her down the last day her uncle was in town. They informed her that her being held back was unacceptable. They also went on to tell her that her uncle took a job for the magical UN where he could work from home for a while. A hint or two about her learning about magic from him was dropped here and there. That was until the big bomb: She was to live with her uncle for a year to catch up on her studies.

Lilly-Anna was furious at first. Why did she need to go with her Uncle?? Yes, ShuShu was magical, but that didnít make him the only option for her to catch up. She could read, study, learn at home. But she knew better than to argue. She agreed and finished the break in a glum mood. No more time at home for a whole year. Her neighborhood, her bed, her cat Gnomey, none of it for a whole year. It just wasnít fair.

So here she was, on the quidditch pitch, ready to practice her flying skills. So far she had learned how to do several tricks and not fall off. Flying made her happier, she was carefree in the air. No more thinking about how her parents didnít want a trouble child. No more thinking how she failed. No more thinking about how stupid short she was despite being older than everyone else she roomed with. Nothing when she was flying could bother her. Today she was planning on practicing her rolls and sharp turns. She still could be bucked off easily by these, but she was almost there. She went into the storage shed to borrow one of the school brooms. There was an older Nimbus that she was particularly fond of, and felt it responded to her the best. She was currently looking for it when she heard a voice from behind her that made her jump right out of her skin.

"Sorry, I didn't think anyone else would be out right now! Are you also here to get some extra practice in before the matches start up again?"

Lilly-Anna laughed. It was just another student, not some monster here to kill her or anything else. Her mind wandered for half a beat on what it could have been (werewolf?) before coming right back to the conversation at hand. ďOh no, Iím not on the team. Iím practicing so I could be though. Iím an awful flier so I have been practicing tricky moves. Iím Lilly-Anna ShuĒ She offered her hand to the older student.

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    • Hedge trimmers helps with getting around the bushes - Lilly-Anna Shu, Tue Apr 10 14:05
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