Just as long as we don't clip a wing
Sat Apr 14, 2018 14:48

It looked like Marley had surprised the other student even more than she’d been surprised. She offered another, more apologetic smile, and was about to apologize again too, but apparently the slight had already been forgiven or forgotten because the other girl had started talking. Who was she? She looked kinda familiar, and Marley thought they might have shared classes last year, but they definitely hadn’t properly hung out or anything before, otherwise she would’ve been able to think of what her name was. Strange.

Although, to be fair, she had spent most of last year hanging out with Claudia and (briefly) Connor and also Kit and Teal, and through them she’d come to know more of their class group, but probably this girl in the shed was in Aquila. Marley didn’t know many of the Aquilas, at least not very well, and at least not in her approximate age-range. She knew of a lot of the older Aquilas, because Holland had dated Ruben and Heather was friends with Myffi and Marissa was Kit’s sister and Rose was Connor’s sister (except way less sisterly to Connor than Marissa was to Kit, not that Marley really knew what a sisterly relationship was supposed to be like since she didn’t have any siblings, older or younger). But she couldn’t say she was properly friends with the older Aquilas. The most they interacted was actually when playing Quidditch matches.

“Lilly-Anna!” she echoed. Goodie, now she knew the other girl’s name! Shaking hands was a little awkward since she was holding both her broom and Beater’s equipment, but Marley was able to juggle her bat to her broom hand and kind of cradle it with her elbow against her chest, and then cheerfully grabbed on for a handshake with the appendage newly freed. “Marley. I’m on the Lyra team. Beater, duh,” she added, unnecessarily, assuming the somewhat scuffed-up bat and safety pads strapped on to various parts of her body might have given it away. “That’s great you want to join! You’re in Aquila, right? My co-beater, Kit, her big sister’s the Aquila captain, and I know she and a couple of the others are all graduating this year, so there’s gonna be spaces opening up. They could totally use you. What position do you want? Well, after you get less awful at flying,” she laughed. “I started on Beater ‘cause my mum used to be a Beater on her school team, but I think all the positions could be super fun.” Maybe not Keeper quite as much, though. That just seemed like a lot of waiting around for other people to do stuff.

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    • Just as long as we don't clip a wing - Marley, Sat Apr 14 14:48
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