Lilly-Anna Shu
So take these broken wings *epic kareoke*
Mon Apr 16, 2018 13:41

Marley, it turned out, was the other girl's name. So that was... two new faces this year. Lilly-Anna was on one heck of a roll wasn't she? The older student was a beater, which sounded like a cool position to be in. Just as long as she wasn't a bludger magnet, that is. Those things look like they could certainly hurt. Lilly-Anna looked where her biceps should be and decided that she was, in fact, not a beater. Though what should she try out for?

Lilly-Anna giggled a little bit at the idea of her tiny self being a beater. "You know, I don't think beater is in the cards for me. But, aren't seekers small? I could try that. I am good at finding things, after all. I also could do chaser. Oh... yeah I am Aquilla by the way. Didn't actually answer that question did I?"

She looked around the selection of brooms more. Where was her dang Nimbus? And did that broom have a broken straws in the sweepy part? How rude, people should take care of borrowed objects. After all...

...Hold on, that broom was the nimbus. "Oh nargle spit!" Lilly-Anna groaned in frustration, "Someone broke the sweepy-part of my favorite broom. I'm sure it still flies but... ughhh now I'm going to have to clip the broken bits."

She sighed and picked up a comet. It would have to do for now. Turning to the other girl she said, "Maybe I could practice with you? If you dont mind? I can try throwing stuff at you and you can practice batting. I was going to try doing loops and stuff but maybe I need to coordinate my hands with my eyes too!"

  • Just as long as we don't clip a wing - Marley, Sat Apr 14 14:48
    It looked like Marley had surprised the other student even more than she’d been surprised. She offered another, more apologetic smile, and was about to apologize again too, but apparently the slight... more
    • So take these broken wings *epic kareoke* - Lilly-Anna Shu, Mon Apr 16 13:41
      • *air guitar solo* - Marley, Fri May 4 00:42
        Lilly-Anna didn’t seem convinced that she could handle Beating. Marley was of the personal opinion that literally anyone could do anything if they really wanted to, and if they were better friends... more
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