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Fri May 4, 2018 00:42

Lilly-Anna didn’t seem convinced that she could handle Beating. Marley was of the personal opinion that literally anyone could do anything if they really wanted to, and if they were better friends she might’ve considered encouraging her to give it a try. If she’d already been friends with the younger girl, she might’ve tried to share that opinion with her and/or convince her to give it a shot. But (a) they weren’t already friends and she didn’t want to come off as pushy, and (b) the other girl looked to be pretty skeptically investigating the school brooms. And if she was gonna be skeptical about the quality of the school brooms, then she was probably also gonna be skeptical about the quality of the rest of the school Quidditch equipment, including the Beaters’ bats.

Marley didn’t like to think of herself as overly possessive, but she didn’t want to feel obligated to share her bat, either. It was old, formerly belonging to her mum, but really good quality, considering. And… okay, okay, she’d admit it: she was just a little tiny bit possessive of her bat. She didn’t let anyone else borrow it, not even Kit, her partner in crime smashing-things-and-occasionally-people (which-was-not-a-crime-on-the-Pitch) (and-especially-not-if-it-was-Ruben) (although-it-never-was). Then again, she couldn’t remember a time when Kit had ever asked to trade bats. Maybe she’d never asked. Or maybe she had, and then forgot. Kit’s attention span was pretty short and very easy to distract and make even shorter, both on purpose and by accident, by other people and by Kit herself. There was every chance that Darby was the responsibler ‘person’ of the two.

Sure enough, Lilly-Anna turned out to be very upset with the damage to her broom. “I’m sure nobody meant to break the tail,” the darker-skinned girl said in as reassuring a tone as she could manage. She definitely agreed inside - people should take better care of school property, especially when it was stuff being shared for use by lots of different students - but that was no reason to get frustrated and give up. “There’s gotta be a broom repair kit in here somewhere. It won’t be too hard for us to fix!” And there, in one us, she had volunteered herself to help with more than Quidditch practice. Oh, well. Her jam-packed class schedule had literally no time to eat some days, and minimal sleep on the nights they had Little Shop rehearsal, but she could spare a few minutes to help Lilly-Anna fix her broom. Erm, well, not spare exactly, but… create…?

Considering the offer for a moment, Marley flashed a grin. No idea how useful it would be to practice without real Bludgers, but she could say she’d never practiced with someone else throwing, and new experiences meant new skills which could only be a good thing. “Yeah, let’s practice together. You’ll definitely need good hand-eye coordination if you’re gonna try for Seeker next year. The current Aquila seeker, her name’s Rose and she’s amazing. Not that I’m saying you can’t do it too,” she hastily added, “but, like, you’d be the youngest and newest so you gotta bring your best game, you know?” Turning to the side, Marley glanced at the equipment bins thoughtfully. “What d’you wanna use for throwing practice? Maybe… some different size balls? You could probably even use those plasticy ones, I’ll be careful not to crush them with my bat.”

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    Marley, it turned out, was the other girl's name. So that was... two new faces this year. Lilly-Anna was on one heck of a roll wasn't she? The older student was a beater, which sounded like a cool... more
    • *air guitar solo* - Marley, Fri May 4 00:42
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