Kaye Packman
Everything must go!
Fri May 4, 2018 10:17

At this point, Heather really should have known not to mess with her roommate. The two Aquila had never gotten along. Sure, Kaye knew she antagonized the other girl quite a bit, but she was terrible and deserved it. As soon as she’d met Heather, she knew she was the same as all the vapid, rude, gossips she’d dealt with in Chicago.

They’d been back and forth for years. Heather would say something, Kaye would take one of her things, the cycle was predictable and a little boring. It had calmed down since Kaye started dating Ruben, more or less, so when the bald teen walked into her room to find that every single one of her wigs had been charmed the same horrendous green that Heather’s hair currently was…

Oh, there wasn’t a word for the rage.

Heather looked so damn proud of what she did too. Kaye didn’t care about the color - that was easily reversed - but it was just… Heather touched her wigs. Her wigs!! She could have done literally anything else, even mess with Kaye’s shoes, and it would have been okay. Her throat burned with how badly she wanted to scream, but she didn’t. If Heather wanted to play that way, then Kaye would play. She didn’t like to lose, and the malfunctioning school gave her an idea. Everyone heard about Kit Kendrick’s things mysteriously vacating her room.

The next day, when Heather went to class, Kaye acted fast. The usually lazy girl popped out of bed. She charmed her biggest bag to be bottomless and began stuffing every possible item of Heather’s she could pick up inside. A few items were a little heavy, but a levitation charm fixed that. Her bag was also altered to be feather light. She rarely worked hard at anything. Kaye made sure to get everything she possibly could before slinging the bag over her shoulder and going to the Pitch.

Today, she wore one of her shortest heels. It came in handy when she started to climb up the rock wall. She doubted anyone climbed this thing in heels. She knew she was a badass. Once at the top, she dug through the bag and arranged lots of the breakables (potion supplies in jars, perfume bottles, a mug, and more) and set up a spell to fling something to the ground every once in a while. She stayed there long enough to see her spell work, and then she climbed back down. She only almost fell to her death, like, twice. It was fine.

Ignoring the tingling pain in her knees, she took out Heather’s fanciest blanket and set it on the ground. She emptied the rest of the contents onto it and arranged them into organized piles. Satisfied with the display, the girl pushed strands of black and purple out of her eyes and sat down, absentmindedly rubbing one of her slowly aching knees. Her ripped purple skinny jeans were comfortable enough to sit on the ground.

After a moment of contemplation, she removed her wand from her corsetted black top and waved it. In the sky, the words “Yard Sale! Crap You Totally Need!” appeared in an impressive black scrawl.

There. That would do it. Pineapple Heather.

    • Going for a good cause, I hope - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Tue May 8 23:01
      The secret club that Ruben had been learning them how to fight properly in was going pretty well, he thought. He even thought his big brother agreed with that. (Or at least, he hadn’t threatened to... more
      • Kaye watched a mug fly from the top of the rock wall to the ground. The sound of the shatter made her feel completely relaxed. Yes, this was justice. Heather would never touch her wigs again. There... more
        • Then this will be a big success! - Anssi, Wed May 23 22:59
          Kaye hanged out with Ruben much more often than with him, and at the times that he was there it usually meant Ruben was there too. There was nothing wrong or strange about that, since they were... more
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