You are lacking maturity
Sun May 6, 2018 14:53

Rose was sitting down, almost certainly post-(or mid-) work out. The tone of her reply didn’t give any indication that she felt at all embarrassed or aggrieved by the topic Danny had declared for their conversation. That supported Holland’s theory that he wouldn’t get very far discussing the matter with Rose. It was almost as if Rose didn’t even know the circumstances of the altercation, yet Danny knew that couldn’t be true because Holland had heard about it from Rose. He frowned, his spirits not having improved any at her initial lack of a reaction. “Claudia told me that Dade turned on her without any provocation,” he said, wasting no time in querying Rose’s disinterest. “He used a spell to push her backwards, which twisted her ankle. Then he started a fire in the corridor - Claudia believes he was aiming for her, not the carpet.” Danny watched Rose to see if any of this was news to her: perhaps Dade had not told his sister the whole story? Perhaps that’s why she had not begun this conversation by asking after Claudia. “She told me she disarmed him and sent for help.”

It was this last detail that Danny found relevant in countering Holland’s suggestion that Dade might have been nervous of Claudia because she had previously hexed Holland. That hypothesis in itself was nonsensical, because Holland and Claudia had been arguing about a very specific, very personal problem. He knew that Claudia was very upset by his relationship decisions, and that Holland was not prone to backing down from an argument, especially one in which they had been insulted. He was disgusted with Claudia for her behaviour on that occasion, but he could, at least, understand how it had happened. He had dealt with it by confronting Claudia (Furthermore, by doing so in a place as public as the Finer Diner, he had hoped his peers would understand that Danny was handling the situation). None of that had anything whatsoever to do with Dade Farnon. If he was scared of any student who had ever hexed someone, who should also be wary in the corridors of his sister, and Ruben, and Danny himself, for that matter, and possible countless others. To attack someone who had simply been walking - without her wand in her hand - in the same corridor, just because they’d had one argument that had gotten wildly out of control, was preposterous.

However. If there was even a spec of validity in the argument that Claudia would hex Dade (and Danny couldn’t see any reason for her to do that), the fact that she immediately disarmed him and cast no other spell to harm him surely proved this theory inconsistent at best.

“I think you can appreciate I can’t let this pass unremarked upon,” Danny said to Rose, hoping that she had merely misunderstood what had happened, and would now take measures to address the situation. “You smacked me around the head” (he really did have some violent friends at school) “just for pushing Dade into the pool at a pool party,” he reminded her. “Claudia is now scared to walk in the corridors on her own. I would like your assurance that nothing like this will happen again.”

  • It's okay, I'll be the adult here - Rose Farnon, Sun May 6 13:43
    Rose was on the Quidditch Pitch in gray sweats and a form-fitting black t-shirt. She had just finished working on her dives and had moved on to groundwork - exercises to strengthen her core. Due to... more
    • You are lacking maturity - Dardanius, Sun May 6 14:53
      • Actually so far that's you - Rose, Sun May 6 15:17
        So Danny was miffed that Dade and Claudia had a scrap in the hallways. Well, Dade hadn't mentioned that he’d actually managed to injure Claudia just like he hadn't mentioned anything about the fire.... more
        • For a brief moment, when Rose stood up, Danny thought that Holland was wrong: it seemed Rose had acknowledged his request, that she perhaps now had a clearer picture of what had transpired while the... more
          • I'm not so sure about that - Rose, Mon May 7 06:09
            Oh shit . Rose repeated the expletive that had just echoed in her head, hazel eyes wide. Nervously, she went to brush back the curly blonde hair that usually got all in her face at all times, before... more
            • So stubborn - Danny, Mon May 7 10:11
              Rose tried to backtrack quickly. Apparently she hadn’t meant to reveal anything about her brother. Danny could empathise - he’d suffered immeasurable resistance from Claudia, and Dade’s brother was... more
              • Obstinate is my middle name - Rose, Mon May 7 14:07
                Dardanius Dubois was an idiot: only an idiot would offer a vague threat in the direction of Rose’s brother in the context of the discussion they were having. Emmett wasn’t always the [xest y in the... more
                • Rose ‘Obstinate’ Farnon (-Lawrence) - Danny, Fri May 11 05:25
                  “I’m sure,” Danny replied, sounding a great deal more certain than he felt. Rose had agreed to talk to Dade, and that was all he desired out of this conversation. He accepted his sister had a very... more
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