Actually so far that's you
Sun May 6, 2018 15:17

So Danny was miffed that Dade and Claudia had a scrap in the hallways. Well, Dade hadn't mentioned that he’d actually managed to injure Claudia just like he hadn't mentioned anything about the fire. It seemed to Rose like that was a little bit more than your average hex, but although Dade could get angry and defensive when he was scared - and Holland thought it likely that he had been scared - Rose was pretty sure he would never intentionally set someone on fire. Set a fire to scare someone maybe, but there was no way that Dade had been trying to make Claudia a little more crispy than she might prefer on purpose. And apparently Claudia had disarmed him and then sent for help. That did not convince Rose of Claudia's innocence; it actually managed the opposite. That was exactly the sort of thing Connor would pull when they were younger. He would instigate a fight and then when it stopped going his way, call for help and act like it had been all the other person’s fault. Yeah, Rose did not believe for a second that Claudia was innocent.

“Right,” Rose said briskly, hopping up from the ground so she would be at a better height to deal with Danny. She was still shorter than him, but at least she wasn't on the ground. “Well maybe if Claudia wasn't going around terrorising people like him this wouldn't have happened. And I don't believe for a single moment that he was trying to set her on fire. He isn't the moron in the family.” The seventh-year left the implication that Connor was - as well as the connection between Claudia and Connor - as it was.

It was true that Rose had hit Danny upside the head for pushing Dade into the pool, but it had just been a reminder of the rule to not mess with Dade. Since the events of last year and the emergence of Claudia's true colors, it was becoming more obvious to Rose that she couldn't protect both of her brothers. It was just a matter of time before things came to a head between them, and if Claudia was being that much of a child about twisting her ankle and getting a little warm, that time might be now. Depending on how chivalrous Connor was feeling. She might need to have a conversation with him

  • You are lacking maturity - Dardanius, Sun May 6 14:53
    Rose was sitting down, almost certainly post-(or mid-) work out. The tone of her reply didn’t give any indication that she felt at all embarrassed or aggrieved by the topic Danny had declared for... more
    • Actually so far that's you - Rose, Sun May 6 15:17
      • For a brief moment, when Rose stood up, Danny thought that Holland was wrong: it seemed Rose had acknowledged his request, that she perhaps now had a clearer picture of what had transpired while the... more
        • I'm not so sure about that - Rose, Mon May 7 06:09
          Oh shit . Rose repeated the expletive that had just echoed in her head, hazel eyes wide. Nervously, she went to brush back the curly blonde hair that usually got all in her face at all times, before... more
          • So stubborn - Danny, Mon May 7 10:11
            Rose tried to backtrack quickly. Apparently she hadn’t meant to reveal anything about her brother. Danny could empathise - he’d suffered immeasurable resistance from Claudia, and Dade’s brother was... more
            • Obstinate is my middle name - Rose, Mon May 7 14:07
              Dardanius Dubois was an idiot: only an idiot would offer a vague threat in the direction of Rose’s brother in the context of the discussion they were having. Emmett wasn’t always the [xest y in the... more
              • Rose ‘Obstinate’ Farnon (-Lawrence) - Danny, Fri May 11 05:25
                “I’m sure,” Danny replied, sounding a great deal more certain than he felt. Rose had agreed to talk to Dade, and that was all he desired out of this conversation. He accepted his sister had a very... more
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