I believe you have made a misinterpretation
Sun May 6, 2018 16:54

For a brief moment, when Rose stood up, Danny thought that Holland was wrong: it seemed Rose had acknowledged his request, that she perhaps now had a clearer picture of what had transpired while the rest of the students were in class, and hopefully they would all be able to put this mess behind them and move on. The illusion was shattered when she added, “Well maybe if Claudia wasn't going around terrorising people like him this wouldn't have happened.”

Firstly, Danny was indignant on Claudia’s behalf. She wasn’t terrorizing anyone. He gave no support to her treatment of Holland, he openly renounced her decision to use magic for manipulation, and he was severely disappointed in her reactions to everything that had transpired between them since October, but she wasn’t actively targeting individuals - both occasions of Claudia using inappropriate magic had been her ill-conceived solution to ending a quarrel. She had no quarrel with Dade.

Secondly, he was confused. What did Rose mean, ‘people like him’? Like Dade? Claudia had hexed only himself and Holland, as far as Danny was aware, neither of whom were dull-spirited Cetus third years. Holland and Dardanius had many quantifiable similarities, but it was really their differences that offended Claudia. There was no reason at all for her to hex someone as unrelated to the situation as Dade Farnon.

Thirdly, he was in disbelief: Rose and Holland both seemed to express the opinion that Dade was frightened of Claudia, and had acted in his own best interest. As Danny had impatiently explained to Holland, Claudia hadn’t even done anything to Dade. A hex was arguably never a reasonable solution, and entirely inexcusable when used against a person who had barely engaged in conversation, let alone conflict, but if Dade had genuinely been scared of Claudia, Danny could begrudgingly understand a will to defend himself. The fire remained outrageous, but Rose seemed to think her brother’s reaction was related to Claudia’s previous assaults. Holland had alluded to something similar; they’d said’ ”He was afraid that she was going to hex him. Because of what happened with me.”

It remained that the third year had no reason to be alarmed by the mere presence of Danny’s sister. It just didn’t make any sense! Unless Dade was planning to marry a transgender non-pureblood. Oh. Holland had also said this wasn’t about them not liking Claudia, which Danny had managed to overlook in his frustration. He had forgiven them their dislike for Claudia as a plausible reason for being apparently on the side of her assailant, but while Rose was saying something or other about her family being morons, Danny concluded there was another reason that Holland would stand up for the wrongful party in a given situation.

What a mess. Danny distractedly ran a hand through his hair. “Hang on. So Dade thinks Claudia will attack him because he’s…” Danny had no information here other than vague inference, so supplied a phrase to cover all hoops, “some flavor of queer?” He shook his head. “She’s not -” Danny sighed. What a mess. “She wouldn’t. She’s only upset with Holland and me for ruining the sanctity of pureblood tradition.” He didn’t fully understand her falling out with Marley, but he believed there was more to it than basic homophobia, and she definitely hadn’t hexed Marley. He was confident he would know if that had happened. “That still doesn’t make what he did okay,” Danny said firmly.

  • Actually so far that's you - Rose, Sun May 6 15:17
    So Danny was miffed that Dade and Claudia had a scrap in the hallways. Well, Dade hadn't mentioned that he’d actually managed to injure Claudia just like he hadn't mentioned anything about the fire.... more
    • I believe you have made a misinterpretation - Danny, Sun May 6 16:54
      • I'm not so sure about that - Rose, Mon May 7 06:09
        Oh shit . Rose repeated the expletive that had just echoed in her head, hazel eyes wide. Nervously, she went to brush back the curly blonde hair that usually got all in her face at all times, before... more
        • So stubborn - Danny, Mon May 7 10:11
          Rose tried to backtrack quickly. Apparently she hadn’t meant to reveal anything about her brother. Danny could empathise - he’d suffered immeasurable resistance from Claudia, and Dade’s brother was... more
          • Obstinate is my middle name - Rose, Mon May 7 14:07
            Dardanius Dubois was an idiot: only an idiot would offer a vague threat in the direction of Rose’s brother in the context of the discussion they were having. Emmett wasn’t always the [xest y in the... more
            • Rose ‘Obstinate’ Farnon (-Lawrence) - Danny, Fri May 11 05:25
              “I’m sure,” Danny replied, sounding a great deal more certain than he felt. Rose had agreed to talk to Dade, and that was all he desired out of this conversation. He accepted his sister had a very... more
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