So stubborn
Mon May 7, 2018 10:11

Rose tried to backtrack quickly. Apparently she hadn’t meant to reveal anything about her brother. Danny could empathise - he’d suffered immeasurable resistance from Claudia, and Dade’s brother was the person with whom she was most like to associate. He felt some sympathy for the third year, but it’s effects were limited considering he’d picked a fight where there was none. “I won’t say anything,” he assured Rose. Outing underclassmen had never been on his agenda. He was relieved she’d told him that Holland knew, because it made their reactions to the confrontation a great deal easier to understand now Danny had access to more pieces of the puzzle.

“For what it’s worth, I really don’t think Claudia would do anything to Dade, even if she knew… whatever there is to know. She said she didn’t start it, and she’s many things,” he conceded awkwardly, “but she’s not a liar. She just left class because she was upset with - with me and Holland, again, I guess.” If Dade thought his own boggart night reveal something about himself he didn’t want people to know, Danny could understand the third year making a swift exit, too. It was completely reasonable that they had been heading in the same direction at the same time. “I know she’s far from perfect but she doesn’t deserve to just be hexed in the corridors. Nobody does.” If it had been a spell gone wrong, it was still a spell cast offensively, and that was still a problem. Luckily, Danny didn’t think Claudia was prone to retaliation, but by revealing himself as an enemy, it was possible that Dade had only made it more likely Claudia would over-react if she felt threatened by him in the future.

“Promise me you’ll talk to Dade, okay?” His voice had lost the protective, almost combative air it held at the start of the conversation. He was still determined that Rose needed to intervene on his behalf, but the manner in which she should do that was now open to greater interpretation. “Reassure him, whatever,” Danny suggested. “Considering the - the situation, it’s definitely going to be better coming from you than from me. You know if Claudia had hurt him you’d be protective,” he was confident on that score, at least. “If anything like this happens again there is going to be a problem.” Rose needed to realise that; if she chose not to convey the message to Dade then she would be responsible for whatever happened as a result.

  • I'm not so sure about that - Rose, Mon May 7 06:09
    Oh shit . Rose repeated the expletive that had just echoed in her head, hazel eyes wide. Nervously, she went to brush back the curly blonde hair that usually got all in her face at all times, before... more
    • So stubborn - Danny, Mon May 7 10:11
      • Obstinate is my middle name - Rose, Mon May 7 14:07
        Dardanius Dubois was an idiot: only an idiot would offer a vague threat in the direction of Rose’s brother in the context of the discussion they were having. Emmett wasn’t always the [xest y in the... more
        • Rose ‘Obstinate’ Farnon (-Lawrence) - Danny, Fri May 11 05:25
          “I’m sure,” Danny replied, sounding a great deal more certain than he felt. Rose had agreed to talk to Dade, and that was all he desired out of this conversation. He accepted his sister had a very... more
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