It’s a good number
Mon May 7, 2018 15:12

“Cheers,” Myffi agreed as she clinked her mixed drink against Marissa’s. She took a sip and enjoyed the fizz tickling her tongue before the moonshine made it tingle. Marissa seemed to like it, too, which satisfied Myffi. She wasn’t really an expert at drinking alcohol, seeing as she was underage, and she suspected Ruben might drink just anything, so it was good to get clarification from someone who hadn’t smoked away all their tastes buds that the drink was enjoyable.

“Yes, we made it,” Myfanwy said with an easy smile, and with pride. It was exciting to finally share this with someone - aside from Kaye, who was rude and unpersonable and she stole Heather’s stuff and Myffi didn’t really like her much - so she didn’t spare any details and she began telling Marissa how she had figured out what Ruben wanted to do when he was asking not-so-random questions about the allotment, how his first attempts had been terrible, and how she’d learned a bit more about the process from her commune, so they’d been able to make improvements together. She stopped her take suddenly as Marissa told her to ‘hold on.’

Marissa claimed to have maybe seen an eyelash, but Myfanwy was dubious. She leaned backwards away from the unexpected touch to her face. She liked Marissa well enough, but she wasn’t used to people coming in so close with no warning. Myffi smiled to the side with one questioning eyebrow raised. “Honestly?” she said, and she sounded like she doubted the older girl, because truthfully it was a bit suspect. They had joked, or not joked, or bantered or whatever it was, about a kiss just now, and then suddenly Marissa was finding an invisible eyelash on her cheek. Myfanwy was not often a person who just accepted what she was told at face value, especially if she thought there was something else going on.

“I mean, if you did find an eyelash, then that’s totally fine.” She didn’t sound like she believed it, but she was genuine about it being totally fine. “If there’s something else on your mind I would much rather you just say it,” Myffi told her, not unkindly. She took another mouthful of her drink, raising her elbow between her and Marissa to reclaim some space.

  • A party of two! - Marissa, Mon May 7 12:14
    “True,” Marissa agreed with a laugh. She and Ruben were pretty okay now. Myffi was just at school, so most of what happened between the redhead and the other Aquila probably flew over her head.... more
    • It’s a good number - Myffi, Mon May 7 15:12
      • A great number - Marissa, Tue May 8 15:26
        See, this is why she tested the waters by moving a little closer. Myffi was clearly freaked out. Oh no . As soon as she noticed the other girl get a little uncomfortable, Marissa moved back too,... more
        • Two's company - Myffi, Tue May 8 15:49
          Marissa moved back a little, and that was better. She’d definitely seemed down earlier, when Myffi found her in the rec centre, and she had cheered up a bit since the envelope had brought her good... more
          • We don't need a crowd - Marissa, Tue May 8 16:19
            And just like that, things felt a little better. This was almost familiar territory. Marissa felt more like herself like this. She’d spent plenty of time at Lia Harper’s club over midterm, and she... more
            • Not right now - Myffi, Fri May 11 04:12
              Myfanwy hadn’t done much kissing before. Before she’d left Wales, Gareth had kissed her, and that had been fun. She’d fancied him a bit, but so had Alison, so neither of them had ever done anything... more
              • Agreed - Marissa , Sat May 19 20:14
                “That was nice.” Marissa smiled in agreement. It was definitely nice. She missed doing stuff like this. Being with Danny was nice. The Aquila enjoyed being someone’s person, in a way she never really ... more
                • Yup - Myffi, Sun May 20 16:00
                  Even though she’d been so excited to get her acceptable letter, Marissa seemed like she didn’t want to talk about college at all. She starting getting all frowny and withdrawn again. Myffi wished she ... more
                  • Glad we agree! - Marissa, Mon May 21 15:58
                    Marissa resisted the urge to shrug off Myffi’s very valid point. The other girl wasn’t the first to tell her this, and she wouldn’t be the last. The red-head knew that grades weren’t everything. They ... more
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