Mikael Anselm Lundqvist
Going for a good cause, I hope
Tue May 8, 2018 23:01

The secret club that Ruben had been learning them how to fight properly in was going pretty well, he thought. He even thought his big brother agreed with that. (Or at least, he hadn’t threatened to pin Kit to the ceiling in his this-is-more-than-half-not-a-joke voice since that one time close after Midterm. That probably meant that Ruben agreed, joo?) The only part that was not going pretty well was the part where Anssi was not very good at the physical exercises. He could follow along with Ruben for a little bit, and on rare occasions his big brother had told him to keep still and then picked him up to demonstrate one thing or another one, but Anssi was not actually very strong on his own and he ran out of air in his belly too fast. So today, on his break in between classes, he had decided to go to the underground-outside and do exercises.

The small blonde wasn’t certain what type of exercises he would do today. He hadn’t come with a plan. But going to the underground-outside seemed like the best starting place, because there was the Quidditch pitch and sports shed full of equipment and a rock wall and the forest area. There were places to run or climb or just do shorter working-outs. And, if he got outside and then felt like none of the options here were good for him right now, Anssi figured that he could always just go back inside and visit the swimming pool instead. He wasn’t a very great swimmer, but he was good enough to do some laps. And of course float. Supposedly floating used some muscles too, even though it didn’t feel like a big effort at all.

Anssi’s first stop was at the rooms for changing in, because one of the many important things which Ruben had taught him was that he should wear appropriate clothes for exercising in. Ruben was able to do all of his physical active stuff in any time of clothes or even no clothes if he wanted to, but that was just because he was an expert. Ruben still most of the time changed himself into different clothes before he did working out, so of course Anssi would change too. He had a set of clothes that Mamma had bought for him when his old teacher at his Swedish school first learned them floorball. The comfy cotton pants and striped blue-and-yellow tee shirt were perfect for exercising in, and as quickly as he could, he changed himself into them, put his normal clothes back into one of the lockers, and laced his shoes up again before going outside.

Even more quickly than he had changed himself, he got distracted from exercising, since there were big black words in the sky over the Quidditch pitch. And the words included an English swearing word!! Anssi probably shouldn’t have been able to recognize it, except he had recently started reading a series of Muggle mystery books from the library, and one of them had that word, and he had asked Drew what it meant and Drew had explained it was not a super bad swearing word but still a swearing word. That had made him go all hot in the face to realize he had been reading a book with swearing words. What would the other kids think of him now? Anssi also quickly discovered that he was going hot in the face again just seeing the swearing word floating in the sky, but fortunately it was not so embarrassing as having it in a book, because it was in the sky and it was in big letters and obviously nothing that he had done or that was exclusively being seen by him.

Anssi was hesitant to walk even closer to the swearing word in the sky, but he was also curious to know why the sky was swearing, so he walked closer anyways. That was when he saw Ruben’s Kaye. She looked not in a very happy mood, but also not in a very unhappy mood. So, normal. “Hallo, Kaye,” he greeted, quietly, blue eyes darting up to the swearing word and back down at the, well, everything on the ground. Books and clothes and what looked like a desk chair. Was she having a siivouspäivä? That was sort of a non-formal holiday in Finland, where everyone cleaned up all of the things in their homes that they didn’t need and then took them outside to sit by the street or in parks and sell or give away for a charity. But he didn’t know how to put the term into English, and it was a good thing that he looked up again as that gave him an option. “I think it should say ‘Quidditch pitch sale’,” he commented, pointing at the words Yard Sale. “Are you raising money for a charity?”

  • Everything must go! - Kaye Packman, Fri May 4 10:17
    At this point, Heather really should have known not to mess with her roommate. The two Aquila had never gotten along. Sure, Kaye knew she antagonized the other girl quite a bit, but she was terrible... more
    • Going for a good cause, I hope - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Tue May 8 23:01
      • Kaye watched a mug fly from the top of the rock wall to the ground. The sound of the shatter made her feel completely relaxed. Yes, this was justice. Heather would never touch her wigs again. There... more
        • Then this will be a big success! - Anssi, Wed May 23 22:59
          Kaye hanged out with Ruben much more often than with him, and at the times that he was there it usually meant Ruben was there too. There was nothing wrong or strange about that, since they were... more
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