Not right now
Fri May 11, 2018 04:12

Myfanwy hadn’t done much kissing before. Before she’d left Wales, Gareth had kissed her, and that had been fun. She’d fancied him a bit, but so had Alison, so neither of them had ever done anything about it. But then Myffi was leaving anyway, so it didn’t matter that they kissed a bit right before she left. Alison could kiss Gareth as much as she wanted after that. Anyway, now Marissa was moving a little closer again, and this time Myfanwy knew what was going on, and it was fine. Then she kissed her, and that was lovely.

The Lyra definitely didn’t object to romantic interactions outside a relationship. She totally understood that some people needed a commitment to feel comfortable, but that just meant that everyone was different, and that was much more interesting than everyone being the same. As long as everyone was happy with the arrangement, Myffi didn’t think she would mind being in a relationship, exclusive or open, or just being her own person. Especially now, while she was was young. Her parents were happily married and that totally worked for them, but loads of people on the commune weren’t married, and they seemed just as happy.

Myffi kissed Marissa for several moments before sitting back and smiling. “That was nice,” she said. She thought it was actually nicer than when Gareth had kissed her, even though she didn’t really fancy Marissa like that. Maybe because she wasn’t wondering if Marissa fancied her too, or because she wasn’t worried about leaving the country, or because Marissa was just better at kissing Myffi than Gareth was. She would definitely be okay with doing that some more again later, whether that was today or another time. Or maybe both.

The sixth year picked her drink up off the ground, but she didn’t sip any yet. “So, you’re going to college, then?” Considering how nervous Marissa had been about another rejection, and how excited she was about being accepted, it sounded like she definitely wanted to go. “What do you want to study?” The girls only had two classes together - cultural studies and Spellwork - so Myffi didn’t have a clear idea of the Aquila’s academic interests. She knew she played Quidditch, obviously, because she was the captain of the Aquila team, and she was apparently really involved with the musical, but Myffi didn’t play Quidditch and she wasn’t very interested in theatre. Honestly she didn’t think they had very much in common, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t get along. Marissa was graduating in a few months anyway, but Myffi would be pleased to get to know each other before the older girl left.

  • We don't need a crowd - Marissa, Tue May 8 16:19
    And just like that, things felt a little better. This was almost familiar territory. Marissa felt more like herself like this. She’d spent plenty of time at Lia Harper’s club over midterm, and she... more
    • Not right now - Myffi, Fri May 11 04:12
      • Agreed - Marissa , Sat May 19 20:14
        “That was nice.” Marissa smiled in agreement. It was definitely nice. She missed doing stuff like this. Being with Danny was nice. The Aquila enjoyed being someone’s person, in a way she never really ... more
        • Yup - Myffi, Sun May 20 16:00
          Even though she’d been so excited to get her acceptable letter, Marissa seemed like she didn’t want to talk about college at all. She starting getting all frowny and withdrawn again. Myffi wished she ... more
          • Glad we agree! - Marissa, Mon May 21 15:58
            Marissa resisted the urge to shrug off Myffi’s very valid point. The other girl wasn’t the first to tell her this, and she wouldn’t be the last. The red-head knew that grades weren’t everything. They ... more
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