Rose ‘Obstinate’ Farnon (-Lawrence)
Fri May 11, 2018 05:25

“I’m sure,” Danny replied, sounding a great deal more certain than he felt. Rose had agreed to talk to Dade, and that was all he desired out of this conversation. He accepted his sister had a very narrow-minded perspective on several aspects of personal identity, but he also believed that her intolerance had only developed as a result of being threatened by unwelcome alterations to her own life as a result. Dade wasn’t going to affect her… probably. There had been a time when Claudia’s interactions with Connor had caused Danny to raise a surprised and speculative eyebrow, but the era had ended not long after it began. Regardless, Dade’s well-being was not his concern; he was only worried about his sister’s safety. Claudia was being a genuine nuisance, but she was still his sister. Therefore he could easily forgive Rose for feeling protective over her brother, but not for condoning violence against anyone, particularly Claudia.

“She has got some … discriminatory ideals,” he said, “but we’re working on it. I came around,” he reminded Rose, the irony of his pre-teen opinions being opposed to his current own current relationship not lost on him, “but Claudia thinks she’ll lose out. Who’s going to agree to marry a debutant with a wayward older brother, right?” He smiled wryly. Rose had never been interested in society (although she had fit in easily when Danny had invited her to be his partner at some social engagements a couple of summers ago), and he understood her reluctance to endure the politics, to adhere to the confines of tradition, but at least she got it. Right now, Danny suspected she got it even more specifically. “Maybe… maybe try working on Connor now, before your family gets as messed up as mine,” he offered a suggestion, half-serious, half-resigned to the ingrained prejudice of society.

From his observations, Rose had a similar relationship with her younger brothers as he had with Claudia: they were not close, but there was some affection, and they were both protective older siblings (Rose moreso with Dade than with Connor). Next year the younger students would have to fend for themselves, which Dardanius would admit made him uneasy. He and Rose had definitely both had their fair share of shenanigans in the upper years at RMI. He really didn’t like to think of his sister being involved with any similar activities. He had never thought that to be likely, but since he started dating Holland - he supposed this most recent scuffle was a side effect of that, too, as if Claudia hadn’t attacked Holland then Dade would have no reason to be wary of her. What a mess - she had demonstrated how little he knew her. If he couldn’t encourage Claudia to be less aggressively trans- and homophobic, Merlin help RMI over the coming years.

“You know I think I might just have one kid,” Danny quipped, grinning. “Save them the trouble of siblings.”

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    Dardanius Dubois was an idiot: only an idiot would offer a vague threat in the direction of Rose’s brother in the context of the discussion they were having. Emmett wasn’t always the [xest y in the... more
    • Rose ‘Obstinate’ Farnon (-Lawrence) - Danny, Fri May 11 05:25
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