Satveer Mittal
Spring in his step
Fri May 18, 2018 17:00

Satveer’d had a really good week, even with the embarrassment of the incident. He’d received a care package from home, a new pair of black chords and a white checkered t-shirt. His latest storyboard was complete, except for the colouration. And his work was going very well. Inspired by his magizoobotany classes, Satveer had recently spent quite some time in the library looking for sketchbook inspiration. To his surprise, he got drawn in to some extracurricular magizoobotany reading, and as a result had started to find the class much more interesting and (dare he say it) easier less hard.

Satveer had recovered from his previous mistakes of overdoing it, and had gotten back to something resembling his regularly scheduled, 8 hour sleep. That was until two nights ago when it happened. Having gone to bed at lights out, Satveer had fallen quickly into a heavy slumber. It must have been around two in the morning when the sensation hit, and as much as he tried, Satveer could only recall glimpses of what happened. It somehow started with a dream that included his fellow housemates camping, but too quickly he awoke with the need to die of embarrassment. After a quick change of pyjamas and (with the help of Gael, one very understanding, very discrete house-elf) a change of bedding, Satveer finally got back to sleep around three thirty.

That morning, Satveer had awoken with the joys of spring. He had clothed himself in his newly acquired black chords and black, long sleeve t-shirt. His t-shirt had recently become something of a favorite as it had a very detailed, white line diagram of a Norwegian Ridgeback with accompanying descriptions of the dragon’s anatomy. In truth, even though the t-shirt was only six months old, it was starting to feel a little tight. But it still looked good, and that was all that really mattered. Despite eating a rather large meal the night before, Satveer somehow found the space for a breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries, croissant with jam and a yoghurt with were washed down with no less than two cups of ‘builders tea’. After breakfast, he even took an uncharacteristic walk around the quidditch pitch to enjoy some, admittedly fake, fresh air. Midnight events of the previous week aside, Satveer was in high spirits. As he neared the rock wall, he offered a friendly “Morning” to person standing near its base.

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