Absolutely. I'm the most charitable person ever.
Sat May 19, 2018 15:47

Kaye watched a mug fly from the top of the rock wall to the ground. The sound of the shatter made her feel completely relaxed. Yes, this was justice. Heather would never touch her wigs again. There were very few things people could do that would actually upset the Aquila. Heather chose the wrong thing to do. Maybe after this, when she got bored and left behind everything on the Pitch for someone to find, she’d go cuddle with Ruben on their couch and tell him about her day.

She rubbed her knee absentmindedly. It sucked when her joints decided they needed to hurt and swell. She felt fine when she woke up that morning, but that may have been the adrenaline and joy covering it up. A good revenge was a fantastic natural painkiller. She’d tell the Healer next time she had a check up that her knees were bothering her more lately. They’d pretty much figured out a good medication routine that kept most of her symptoms at bay, and she’d found some foundations that made the butterfly rash on her face almost impossible to see. Before they graduated, Kaye needed to ask Holland about products they might know of that would help with that.

A quiet greeting caught her attention, and Kaye looked up. Seeing it was Anssi, she smiled. “Hey,” she said back. She liked Ruben’s younger brother. Kaye didn’t have any siblings of her own, which was honestly fine with her. She couldn’t imagine sharing the spotlight in her household, and she doubted her dads would ever want a second child. She was completely aware that she was more than enough to deal with. The Aquila did feel a little protective over Anssi, though, in a way she imagined other older siblings probably felt. At least he’d be around once Ruben graduated. Maybe she’d take him under her wing and make an adorable little pick pocket out of him!

“Oh, absolutely,” Kaye answered with her most sincere voice, “It is one of the most important charities I’ve ever encountered. It helps people with different conditions, notably alopecia and lupus, improve their quality of life. I know that I would totally benefit and improve my life exponentially if this sale is a success.” She patted the spot next to her. “Come, sit. What are you doing out here?”

  • Going for a good cause, I hope - Mikael Anselm Lundqvist, Tue May 8 23:01
    The secret club that Ruben had been learning them how to fight properly in was going pretty well, he thought. He even thought his big brother agreed with that. (Or at least, he hadn’t threatened to... more
    • Absolutely. I'm the most charitable person ever. - Kaye, Sat May 19 15:47
      • Then this will be a big success! - Anssi, Wed May 23 22:59
        Kaye hanged out with Ruben much more often than with him, and at the times that he was there it usually meant Ruben was there too. There was nothing wrong or strange about that, since they were... more
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