Sat May 19, 2018 20:14

“That was nice.”

Marissa smiled in agreement. It was definitely nice. She missed doing stuff like this. Being with Danny was nice. The Aquila enjoyed being someone’s person, in a way she never really had before. Yes, she’d dated Emmett exclusively before Danny, but there was something different about dating the older Lyra. Sometimes she missed having a person she could go to just for cuddles and affection, but she also missed this. She liked having fun. Everyone was asking her to sell the next four or more years of her life to some place she wasn’t sure about; it was nice to do things with no strings attached and no commitments.

She would kiss Myffi again. One of her goals for college was very silly, and it certainly wasn’t a goal she could share with her family. Her dad would have a heart attack and die on the spot, her mom would sigh for a very, very long time, and Garen would put his hands over his ears and sing until she was done talking. Marissa wanted a larger student population so she’d be able to do stuff like this. It was pretty uncomfortable to realize she’d kissed through pretty much every option at Rocky Mountain International - Myffi included, now. She hoped Myffi might want to kiss again, but instead, she wanted to talk about what everyone else wanted to talk about: college.

The red-head picked up her drink and took a sip while she considered the question. Nothing had changed from the million other times she’d been asked that question, which sucked. “I don’t know,” she answered honestly, “I don’t… really want to go? But it’s really, really important to my family. And to Rose and Holland. My family pretty much lets me do whatever I want, but this seriously matters to them.” She shrugs. “I’m not good at anything that’s, like, academic. I’m probably gonna go in undecided and just figure it out from there.”

  • Not right now - Myffi, Fri May 11 04:12
    Myfanwy hadn’t done much kissing before. Before she’d left Wales, Gareth had kissed her, and that had been fun. She’d fancied him a bit, but so had Alison, so neither of them had ever done anything... more
    • Agreed - Marissa , Sat May 19 20:14
      • Yup - Myffi, Sun May 20 16:00
        Even though she’d been so excited to get her acceptable letter, Marissa seemed like she didn’t want to talk about college at all. She starting getting all frowny and withdrawn again. Myffi wished she ... more
        • Glad we agree! - Marissa, Mon May 21 15:58
          Marissa resisted the urge to shrug off Myffi’s very valid point. The other girl wasn’t the first to tell her this, and she wouldn’t be the last. The red-head knew that grades weren’t everything. They ... more
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