Then this will be a big success!
Wed May 23, 2018 22:59

Kaye hanged out with Ruben much more often than with him, and at the times that he was there it usually meant Ruben was there too. There was nothing wrong or strange about that, since they were boyfriend and girlfriend, like Dagny and Joakim. Well, not entirely like. Anssi couldn’t honestly remember if he had ever hanged out with only Joakim before. Joakim was years older than him, also older than Ruben, old enough to have a beard and big arms full of tattoos, and although he was a nice man it also seemed like it would have been awkward to hang out alone with him because what would they even be able to do together? But he had sometimes been hanging out with Kaye and not Ruben, and even if those sometimes were very rare, they were not so rare that he didn’t have a small idea of what to expect. And what to expect was not awkward. Probably almost guaranteed to be confusing, but not awkward.

Today was turning into one of those sometimes. Kaye was explaining the charity to him, and for one sentence he was listening and understanding fine but then a couple sentences later he was confused. Some of the words she was using were long or complicated or just… unfamiliarish. They were a little familiar, but not enough that Anssi could remember exactly what they meant. Like alopeesha and eksponans- um, how did the rest of it go? It was one of those words that went by too fast. But he did know loopus. That was the disease Kaye had, the one that Ruben had called a wolf disease once and then Anssi had asked him if Kaye was a werewolf and Ruben had laughed and said no but not in a way that was very convincing. He was still curious to ask Kaye about it directly but hadn’t yet. According to his Cultural Studies textbook, werewolfs were a discriminated group, and he wasn’t sure how to ask someone if they were a werewolf without sounding like he was accusing them or meaning it in a bad way. Hopefully they were learn more about how to ask things like that properly later on in Cultural Studies or another class, but for now it was fine. It didn’t really matter if Kaye was a werewolf.

His blonde head bobbed agreeably at her offer to sit. “Okay, I can be helping you! But I am maybe not very good at selling things,” he confided seriously, because it was important to be honest with someone who you might be working with, and also being honest was a good thing in general. “This is my first time.” Folding himself into a legs-crossed position right where Kaye had indicated, Anssi straightened his cotton pants so that they weren’t bunched up making lines against his knees. In response to her question, he explained, “I was going to have a work-out, because it is so hard to catch up with Ruben! Storbror is too, um, too strong, I think?” He shrugged. Strong wasn’t quite the right word, but Kaye would understand. “He is being easy with me in dueling practice but also I am not catching up very well.”

Suddenly, Anssi remembered that Kaye didn’t know about their secret dueling club. Thinking quickly, he fixed it by adding, “I want to join the dueling club next year.” Which he actually did not really want to do because Ruben had a not very good opinion of Professor Embers, who ran the (not-secret) dueling club. But at least it was fixed. He had almost ruined it!! Not even Kit had broken the secret; if he did, they would kick him out for sure and might even stop talking to him in their not-secret classes too. Talking was a good way to keep fixing his almost mistake, probably, so Anssi asked her, “Are you going to be in the dueling club next year?”

  • Kaye watched a mug fly from the top of the rock wall to the ground. The sound of the shatter made her feel completely relaxed. Yes, this was justice. Heather would never touch her wigs again. There... more
    • Then this will be a big success! - Anssi, Wed May 23 22:59
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