Lily-Anna Shu
follow the bouncing student?
Thu Jun 14, 2018 18:39

Lily-Anna was often found in the most curious of places. From learning of the different passageways hidden to most students, to climbing trees outdoors (she was unsure how the trees existed, however, due to the whole underground thing) to anywhere inbetween. She had however, this year, been being quite studious as to not incur the wrath of her parents once more and to continue on her path to graduation rather than being held back again.

Her other second years had even begun talking to her in the dorms. Earlier she felt she had been viewed strangely by them due to her being older, but she was finally fitting in. She had even made friends with a few other students, which was odd for the young girl as she tended to get carried away with her explorations which honestly could be a bit much for the more reserved type of person.

Today, all homework done, classes gone to, and chores chored, she was back in full exploring mode. She had spent the day underground, still unable to locate the werewolf she spent all term looking for. It was mind blowing how hard one of those are to find, but she could swear she heard a faint howl the other night. Fresh from her underground adventures, she emerged through the secret entrance behind the rock wall. She intended to practice some quidditch with the rest of the day.

She was a sight to behold, however, as the secret tunnels aren't always the spic and span of the rest of the castle. She had worn a pair of black sweatpants with a loose tee instead of her robes today. Her long curtain of black hair was tied back with a hairband, but it had come loose and several strands came in front of her face out of the binding. She was frosted here and there with dust, and she picked a cobweb out of her hair as she heard a student talk to her.

"Good morning to you too!" She looked at the watch on her wrist. Either she had gotten up earlier today than intended, or she spent less time down there than she thought. "I suppose it is still morning..." she mused. "Anyway I'm Lily-Anna!" She chirped and held out a friendly hand.

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