Keith Allen
Free Fall
Mon Jul 23, 2018 15:17

A few weeks into term Keith had an open Saturday morning. He was caught up on his homework, and he didn’t feel like being in his room this morning. The second-year left a stack of comics and mangas on his desk for Jesse if he got bored and wanted some new reading before he left. He took his broom down with him since he was headed to the Quidditch Pitch. He wasn’t going to just fly he was going to check out the rock climbing wall. He had meant to try it out last term, but he had never found time to.

The strawberry blonde was wearing a pair of black jeans and a black t-shirt that had little golden snitches zooming all around it. This was one of his favorite shirts, but he wasn’t allowed to wear it around his mom which was a bummer because it was such a cool shirt. He knew his little sister Gracie would like.

Lost in thought, Keith made his way out to the Quidditch Pitch. This was one of the places he liked best in RMI. The Draco loved playing Quidditch, but he was annoyed that last term he had gone out for Keeper. Keith was Keeper again this year because the Draco Captain Bryn and his best buddy were the beaters. Bryn was only a sixth year so he wouldn’t get the chance to switch until at least fourth year. By then he might not want to switch but as right now the second year really wanted to be in the action. Two things had kept him from trying for beater, one being he would have taken Jesse’s spot, and that’s not something best friends do and two he wasn’t even sure if he would’ve have beaten Jesse out for the spot.

Once out on the Pitch, Keith made flew over to the rock climbing wall. Humming to himself he sorted out the magical harness. He glanced up at the sky as he hooked himself in. It was overcast on the Pitch, and the second-year was glad about that. He didn’t like sunny, hot days, he preferred cloudy, chilly days like this one especially when he was going to be exerting some energy climbing.

The second-year choose an easy-looking path up the wall and began. It was pretty easy for Keith on this area plenty of hand and foot holds within reach. Charles had taken him to a few indoor rock climbing areas, so he had learned how to this summer after he had expressed some interest in it. After about ten minutes he was near the top when he heard a loud thud from below and behind him.

Keith had been stretching to reach the new, and when the thud came he lost his footing, and he flew down. It felt like a free fall for a few seconds, but he stopped about five feet from the ground. The second-year laughed as he looked around at who or what had made the noise. “Woah! Scared me there.” He said as he took control and made his way full down the wall. “You ok?” The blonde wasn’t sure what had made the noise, but he did want to make sure the other person was ok.

    • But you're wearing a harness so how is it free? - Norah Nilssen, Fri Aug 3 17:24
      Blue eyes shined smugly as an identical set stared glumly at the floor across the Finer Diner. Norah was more than estatic to finally be attending Rocky Mountain. Brynjolf was not as excited. The... more
      • It just is! - Keith, Wed Aug 8 17:34
        Keith unlatched himself from the rock wall, and he landed like one often did while using a port key a bit of stumble but an excellent recovery after all. He noticed the girl who had made the noise... more
        • That's like saying "cause I said so" - Norah, Fri Aug 17 20:58
          Norah was not pleased to have fallen like she did. It was mortifying and she hoped that this boy wasn't going to go around talking about it because she wasn't sure that she could handle that kind of... more
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