That seems potentially dangerous
Mon Jan 16, 2017 06:26

It seemed as though Dade had managed to be partnered with the chattiest girl on the planet. It meant he didn’t have to talk much, which was great, but it also meant he had to listen to her, which wasn’t great. He also didn’t think this challenge was a very good idea. It sounded like one of the spells was dangerous, and it also sounded like it was more about teamwork than it was about spells. And if there was one thing Dade Farnon hated, it was teamwork. Or possibly people. Well, both.

“Why don’t girls’ pants have pockets?” Dade asked, furrowing his brows. That seemed stupid. You kept things in pockets, like robes or sweets you didn’t want people to know you had. Rose had, at one point, kept a frog in her pocket solely for the purpose of letting it out on the dinner table to make their father unhappy. Dade had thought that was pretty funny. He didn’t dislike their father in the same way that Rose did, but he did think that their father was too uptight and made unfair rules. For example, he’d tried to send Connor and Dade to Hogwarts with Charlene, instead of to RMI with Rose. That had been a major fight.

“Um.” Dade replied to Marley’s suggestion. “Why don’t we just...sit on the cardboard and use the rope spell to pull ourselves over to the next green patch? If we want to win,” Dade always wanted to win, “we shouldn’t leave a path for anyone else to use, like we would if we were jumping.” Not to mention that physical exertion was far from the first year’s forte.

  • Fast enough that we feel the wind! - Marley, Fri Jan 13 17:59
    "Now what?" The first-year's words didn't sound nearly as enthusiastic as they should have. But maybe that was just because she was extra-enthusiastic about today's lesson. Yep, that was probably it, ... more
    • That seems potentially dangerous - Dade, Mon Jan 16 06:26
      • “Having no pockets is, like, a fashion thing?” She pulled a face. “I don't really get it. My gran says it's something about girls needing to look skinnier, but my mum says it's cause the clothing... more
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