Norah Nilssen
But you're wearing a harness so how is it free?
Fri Aug 3, 2018 17:24

Blue eyes shined smugly as an identical set stared glumly at the floor across the Finer Diner. Norah was more than estatic to finally be attending Rocky Mountain. Brynjolf was not as excited. The fact that her brother showed significantly less enthusiasm for returning to the school than in previous years simply added to Norah’s own excitement. Her brother didn’t like the fact that she was going (which the blonde girl didn’t particularly care about his dislike of her) but his total dismay made her absolutely giddy with delight. She prided herself on being the best Nilssen child and was certainly going to prove it as soon as she stepped into the school.

It wasn’t every day that you got to torture your brother and that was one of the smaller joys that Norah tended towards. But of course, never in front of Mama or Papa. With Mama it wasn’t so bad, but Papa definitely didn’t like it and Norah could tell. He’d get that gleam in his eye that said he wasn’t going to tolerate any funny business. Brynjolf was Papa’s favorite – Norah was sure about that. But once they’d gotten to the school a few weeks earlier, Norah had discovered that tormenting Brynjolf was very easy without Papa around. She’d not had so much time to do it since they’d actually gotten to the school, which was a total loss in the blonde’s book. But she’d been so busy! It was harder than she had thought it would have been, but Norah was sure that she would rise about it easily. That’s what Mama would want her to do.

She found that she didn’t quite like most of the physical things that they had to do. Like the mandatory flying things. Only Brynjolf played Quidditch and she thought that it was a silly sport anyway. She’d much prefer to try and work on her spellwork because weaving spells was something that she wanted to master really quickly.

But there was a part of her that also wanted to fly better than Brynjolf did.

It was why she sometimes sat stubbornly on the Pitch as she had decided to do after leaving the Finer Diner. Sometimes she would practice hovering a little above the ground and flying in each direction until she got bored or tired (or until she fell off too many times but you’d never hear that from her). Today though, she wanted to figure out how to properly take care of a broom. But that meant using one of the brooms in the storage closet because she didn’t have her own and she certainly wasn’t going to ask to borrow Brynjolf’s. It wasn’t too sunny out, which was fine by the girl. If it was too bright she could have burned and those were very stingy. She was sure that the Infirmary person could help her out, but it would be too embarrassing. So the cloudy day was just perfect.

The only problem was that the dew hadn’t lifted and her feet were definitely getting wet in her dark blue sneakers. She frowned as she felt the icky squelch of her socks but pushed past it. She had to be better at this than Brynjolf and it seemed like keeping the broom clean and neat was important. Norah was making her way back from the shed when a shadow passed over her head and she looked up. The figure climbing on the rock wall kept her attention and she stopped paying attention to her feet. On the next step, her foot hit a slippery surface and she yelped, hitting the ground with a thud. She thought she heard a laugh and her face went beet red. A boy came down the wall, asking if she was ok or not. “Yes I’m fine thank you,” she said quickly, trying to get to her feet without looking sillier than she felt. “I didn’t watch my feet.”

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    • But you're wearing a harness so how is it free? - Norah Nilssen, Fri Aug 3 17:24
      • It just is! - Keith, Wed Aug 8 17:34
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        • That's like saying "cause I said so" - Norah, Fri Aug 17 20:58
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