It just is!
Wed Aug 8, 2018 17:34

Keith unlatched himself from the rock wall, and he landed like one often did while using a port key a bit of stumble but an excellent recovery after all. He noticed the girl who had made the noise was beet red and on the ground. The second year could understand that completely it always sucked to fall in front of someone. The girl who Keith had seen around school but wasn’t entirely sure of her name. It might have been Leah, Norah, no perhaps it was Georgina. He shrugged the only thing he knew for sure was that she wasn’t in Draco.

The second-year sometimes wished the school forced people to wear name tags all the time. It would make things so much easier for Keith. He would much rather take the time to read a name then try to remember everyone's names around here. The girl thanked him for checking on her as she tried to get to her feet. She later claimed she hadn’t been watching her feet. He nodded. “It’s okay we both fell. You just happened to land while I got to hang off the rope.” He held out his hand to her to help her up.

“The grass is a bit wet, did that aid you in your fall?” he was trying to help her get over her embarrassment that was evident on her face. He wasn’t entirely sure that he was doing a good job. Maybe he should stop bringing it up and change the subject. In a hurried voice, he said, “I’m Keith by the way.”

  • But you're wearing a harness so how is it free? - Norah Nilssen, Fri Aug 3 17:24
    Blue eyes shined smugly as an identical set stared glumly at the floor across the Finer Diner. Norah was more than estatic to finally be attending Rocky Mountain. Brynjolf was not as excited. The... more
    • It just is! - Keith, Wed Aug 8 17:34
      • That's like saying "cause I said so" - Norah, Fri Aug 17 20:58
        Norah was not pleased to have fallen like she did. It was mortifying and she hoped that this boy wasn't going to go around talking about it because she wasn't sure that she could handle that kind of... more
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